Your voice is loud and clear. Indian Poets in Support of Ukraine

Your voice is loud and clear. Indian Poets in Support of Ukraine

Writers from all over the world are in solidarity with Ukraine. Their voice is another humanitarian "heavy artillery" during this war. Thanks to PEN Ukraine's initiative, we are collecting messages of support from writers from different countries. Let the words inspire, heal, and keep defense. Together, we will win.

Shanta Acharya DPhil (Oxon)

"It is profoundly sad the situation that Ukraine (a sovereign democratic state) finds herself in. My admiration for the resilience of the Ukrainian people rises every day. The politics of war is complicated, but it does not excuse the Russian invasion or the complacency of the West. One thing worth remembering – all dictators and bullies fail and fall. Praying for the freedom and survival of Ukraine and her immensely brave people."

Kavita A. Jindal

For the proud people of Ukraine
and for my friends and peers there
We are in solidarity with you
Your voice is loud and clear
No aggressor will vanquish you.

Ashwani Kumar

"The poets and writers of India stand united in condemnation of illegal and unjustifiable Russian invasion of Ukrainian territory and express our solidarity for the people of Ukraine. We demand immediate stoppage of bloodshed in Ukraine, and restoration of Ukraine’s democratic freedom and territorial integrity. And we also appeal to our fellow writers-poets all over the world to provide humanitarian assistance to all war-affected people and writers in Ukraine."

Rochelle Potkar

"The world is just out of a pandemic and needs healing right now and not a slew of new open wounds. In solidarity with Ukraine and world peace, and praying for our Indian students in Ukraine to return safe and soon."

Bina Sarkar Elias

all strength to Ukraine
evil will have its karma
and peace will find you.


we are with Ukraine
we are kin across borders
peace is our mantra.

Sonnet Mondal

"I just remember from my visit to Ukraine in 2019 how welcoming Ukrainians are and how wonderful is every part of this country. I stand with you Ukraine against this heinous Russian aggression against you!"

Taniya Chakraborty

"Animal can attack because they only have their instinct.They can't do anything beyond it .But, when human beings are vindictive, we have to say "we are not the supreme creation of nature".Already the pandemic harmed us so badly.After that , " Russian invasion of Ukraine " is just nothing but a foolishness.Its proofed that being human, we are not improved by our intellect. Especially this " Russian- Ukraine" war is just an one-sided evil aggression.In this situation why the other countries are so silent ? That is my question to all!! We should support Ukraine wholeheartedly. I am with Ukraine."

Saima Afreen

"I stand with the people of Ukraine. It is the horror of horrors to see Russia's imperialistic designs costing human lives as we watch frighteningly on our screens the streets, houses, orphanages and markets smashed to the ground as Russian forces rain on them rockets, clusterbombs, and other ammunition. History will never forgive Putin for the fire he has unleashed on Ukraine."

Kavita Kumble

"We all in India stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and for peace in Europe. Let this War stop! My heart hurts for you but the determination, hope and fortitude you show is such great inspiration to us all. Don’t give up. Stay strong. Stay safe."

Contemporary Marathi poets from India Hemant Divate, Saleel Wagh, Sanjeev Khandekar, Sachin Ketkar, Manya Joshi

"This is a brazen attack on human values and peace. It must be stopped immediately. We stand with you, Ukraine!"

Initiated by Mariya Tytarenko, collected by Sonnet Mondal

March 10, 2022
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