Prize named after Yuri Shevelyov

Yuri Shevelyov Prize

The Prize was founded in 2013. It is awarded once a year to a Ukrainian author for artistic and scientific essays published during the last year. The award is named after Yuri Shevelyov, who founded modern Ukrainian essays, and notes the contribution to the inherent values of this genre: independence of thought and sophistication of style.

Founders of the Award:

  • Ukrainian PEN
  • Kyiv-Mohyla Business School
  • Spirit and Letter Publishing House
  • Center of Judaism
  • Ukrainian Research Institute of Harvard University


Candidates for the Award can be nominated by Ukrainian and foreign cultural institutions, publishing houses, research centers, creative associations and individuals.

Artistic or scientific essays by Ukrainian authors ( non-fiction ) published in paper form (book, collection) during the calendar year are accepted for consideration. An essay is a syncretic literary or literary-scientific form that represents the point of view of the author.

Applications are accepted annually from August 15 to October 15 .

Each work can participate in the competition for the Prize only once.


The Chapter, in addition to representatives of the founding organizations of the Prize, includes writers, critics, scholars and winners of the Prize for the last three years.

Procedure for determining the winner

The winner of the Prize is selected in three stages:

1. at the first stage, a long list of applicants is formed from the publications submitted to the Chapter and meet the technical criteria of the Prize, which is announced no later than November 1 ,
2. in the second stage, the members of the Chapter vote for the short list of the Prize, which is published a week before the award ceremony on December 10 ,
3. At the third stage, the members of the Chapter elect the winner of the Prize by anonymous voting, the name of which is announced during the ceremony on December 17, the birthday of Yuri Shevelyov.

The winner of the Prize is awarded a statuette of the Bronze Angel, as well as a cash prize and a diploma of the winner. Nominees receive nominees' diplomas and a selection of books published by Dukh i Litera.

Special awards

From 2020, two special awards will be presented within the framework of the Yuri Shevelyov Prize.

The special award of the Chapter is for the contribution to the development and popularization of essays. This award can be given to:

- Ukrainian authors for their general essay work;
- foreign authors whose works have been translated into Ukrainian;
- Ukrainian authors who write in other languages;
- literary critics who analyze and promote essays;
- publishers and editors of periodicals that actively publish essays.

Special award UA: Radio Culture - for skill and innovation in the genre of essays, as well as the sound of the text in radio format. The award for the author-essayist in this nomination will be the creation of a radio version of the work, which will be broadcast on UA: Radio Culture. The winner will be chosen by an expert group of Radio editors, producers and journalists.

Prize winners:

2013 - Taras Prokhasko ("One and the Same") and Andriy Portnov ("Stories for Home Use")
2014 - Konstantin Moskalets ("Alarms")
2015 - Alexander Boychenko ("More / less")
2016 - Vakhtang Kebuladze ("Cells of Fate")
2017 - Andriy Lyubka ("Saudi")
2018 - Volodymyr Yermolenko ("Current Ideologies")
2019 - Diana Klochko ("65 Ukrainian masterpieces. Recognized and implicit")
2020 - Taras Lyuty ("Culture of charms and resistance")
2021 – Andriy Bondar ("Treats for Medor")
2022 - Andrii Pavlyshyn ("Eternity Still Jeopardizes Us")

Special honors of the Chapter:

2019 - Volodymyr Panchenko for special contribution to Ukrainian essays
2020 - Oksana Zabuzhko for contribution to the development of Ukrainian essays and promotion of the heritage of Yuri Shevelyov
2021 – Mykola Riabchuk, Honorary Ambassador of Ukrainian essay in the world
2021 – Stanislav Aseyev for commitment to human rights and courageous writing
2022 - Pavlo Kazarin for masterful columns and analysis of contemporary war reality

UA Special Award: Radio Culture:

2020 - Vasyl Makhno for the book "Along the Ocean on a Rover"
2021 – Vira Aheyeva for the book "Behind the Scenes of the Empire. Essays on Ukraine-Russia Relations in Culture"
2022 - Markiian Prokhasko for the book "The Dream of Antarctica"

Chapter of the 2021 Prize:

Andriy Kurkov, President of PEN Ukraine (chair of the Jury)
Ola Hnatiuk, Vice President of PEN Ukraine
Oleksandr Savruk, Dean of Kyiv-Mohyla Business School
Oleh Kotsyuba, literary scholar, Manager of Publications at the Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University
Leonid Finberg, Chief Editor of Spirit and Letter Publishing House
Tamara Hundorova, literary scholar, corresponding member of NASU (Institute of Literature)
Eleonora Solovey, literary scholar
Andriy Bondar, writer, essayist, translator, winner of the Prize in 2021
Diana Klochko, art historian, winner of the Prize in 2019
Taras Lyuty, philosopher, essayist, winner of the Prize in 2020
Tetyana Teren, journalist, Executive Director of PEN Ukraine



Церемонія нагородження лауреата Премії імені Юрія Шевельова 2020


Award ceremony for the winner of the Yuri Shevelyov Prize 2021


Shevelyov Prize 2021: who received it and for what?

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