PEN Ukraine’s literary volunteering trips

PEN Ukraine’s literary volunteering trips

Years: 2022-...

Coordinators: Tetyana Teren, Maksym Sytnikov

Partners: Taiwan Foundation for Democracy, Duh i Litera Publishing House

Project description

Since June 2022, PEN Ukraine has been organizing literary volunteering trips to liberated and frontline territories of Ukraine.

Each trip is aimed at:

– providing the sense of context and understanding what Ukraine is living through today;

– facilitating networking and emergence of new initiatives between intellectuals, cultural managers, civic activists, volunteers, the military, and the local authorities;

– providing aid from writers and journalists for humanitarian and military needs in the region;

– collecting stories of the people who survived their cities’ occupation or siege;

– supporting destroyed or damaged libraries which serve as cultural hubs in their localities, within the Invincible Libraries campaign;

– documenting Russia’s crimes against Ukrainian culture;

– creating informational materials for Ukrainian and foreign media.

The purpose of the literary volunteering trips to liberated and frontline territories of Ukraine consists in documenting Russian occupiers’ crimes against Ukrainian culture, arranging meetings with the local audiences, expanding the network of contacts and collecting evidence for journalistic materials.

By this time, ten literary volunteering trips to the Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Mykolaiv, Kherson, Dnipro and Sumy regions have been carried out.

Ukrainian and foreign writers and journalists are involved in every trip.

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