"Prescriptions". Literary festival-workshop

"Prescriptions". Literary festival-workshop for young authors

Year: 2021

Project manager: Tatiana Teren

Curator: Ostap Slyvynsky

Coordinator: Andriy Vakhtel

Project description

On September 9-12, 2021, the Ukrainian PEN is organizing a literary festival-workshop for young authors in Ivano-Frankivsk. 10 writers and literary critics selected for the competition will have individual classes with experienced mentors - Victoria Amelina, Galina Kruk, Taras Prokhask and Anna Ulyura. Lectures and workshops for participants will also be held by Larisa Denisenko, Roman Malinovsky, Bohdana Neborak and Tatiana Teren. As a result, they will publish their works and impressions of the festival in one almanac, which will be distributed in electronic and paper form. In addition, a public program of events is planned for a wide audience - podium talks and stage readings, an evening of multimedia and synthetic projects and a poetry marathon. Admission to these events will be free for all.

The Recipes Workshop Festival is designed to promote the development of modern literature by discovering new names. The peculiarity of the project is the focus not only on promoting literature as a creative and public activity, but also on promoting the human rights values of PEN among young people.

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