Drahomán Prize

Drahomán Prize

Award for translators from Ukrainian into world languages , founded in 2020 by the Ukrainian Institute, Ukrainian PEN and the Ukrainian Book Institute.

Purpose of the Award

The award is designed to support and celebrate the collaborative work of translators from Ukrainian into the languages of the world, who open to the world Ukrainian literature, and hence the real Ukraine, reproduced in the texts of its writers.

For which the Prize is awarded

- high translation skills
- contribution to the promotion of Ukrainian literature abroad

Nomination conditions

1. The Prize is open to all translators, regardless of their country of residence, who have at least one translated and published literary or documentary work. Literary and documentary works include prose, poetry, drama, and non-fiction (essays, reportage, interviews, biographies, memoirs).

2. The nominated book of the translator must be published by a foreign publisher within three years prior to the award year and should be compatible with values and principles of the founding organizations. A translator cannot be nominated for the Prize with a book translated by a group of translators.

3. Winners of the Prize cannot be nominated for the second time.

4. A translator may be nominated for this Prize by the jury members as well as by foreign cultural institutions, diplomatic institutions, research centres, publishers, and creative associations.

5. The submission consists of:

– a duly filled electronic submission form: https://bit.ly/3mMT3o1
– electronic and hard copies of the nominated book in Ukrainian and in the language of the translation. Please send hard copies to the following address: Український осередок Міжнародного ПЕН–клубу, вул. Борисоглібська, 15В, оф. 2, Київ 04070, Україна [PEN Ukraine, 15V Borysohlibska St., Office #2, Kyiv 04070, Ukraine]; and electronic to: drahoman.prize@gmail.com.

Submissions for 2021 are accepted from September 1 to November 30.


The Chapter of the Prize consists of 9 members. It includes authoritative writers, translators, linguists and literary critics, cultural managers. Regardless of the year, the Chapter consists of the Director General of the Ukrainian Institute, the President of the Ukrainian PEN and the Director of the Ukrainian Book Institute. The composition of the Chapter is approved annually by the founding organizations.

Invited members of the Chapter may be members of the Chapter for no more than 3 consecutive years.

The members of the Chapter have the right to involve experts (translators, linguists and literary critics, diplomats) to consult on the submitted declarations.

The 2021 Jury members:

Andriy Kurkov, writer, president of PEN Ukraine
Volodymyr Sheiko, Director General of the Ukrainian Institute Oleksandra Koval, Director of the Ukrainian Book Institute
Ola Hnatiuk, researcher, professor of NaUKMA and the University of Warsaw, Vice President of PEN Ukraine
Ostap Slyvynsky, poet, translator, Vice President of PEN Ukraine
Valentyna Stukalova, Manager of Book and Intellectual Projects at the Institute of France in Ukraine
Yurii Prokhasko, translator
Marko Robert Stech, Ukrainian and Canadian literary scholar and writer
Iryna Starovoyt, literary scholar, poet, translator

Procedure for determining the winner

The winner of the Prize is selected in three stages:

- at the first stage a long list of applicants is formed, which is announced no later than December 15 ;
- in the second stage, the members of the Chapter vote for the short list of the Prize, which will be published no later than March 15 ;
- at the third stage, the members of the Chapter elect the winner of the Prize by anonymous voting.

Award ceremony

The name of the Prize winner is announced annually during a solemn ceremony in Kyiv in April. Three finalists of the Prize are invited to participate in the ceremony.

The winner of the Prize receives a statuette made by a famous Ukrainian sculptor, a cash prize of 2,000 Euros (including taxes), as well as additional opportunities to work and promote their work from the Ukrainian Institute and the Ukrainian Book Institute (participation in translation residencies, foreign fairs and festivals ).

Title of the Award

Yuriy Prokhasko, translator, member of the Chapter of the Prize:

“We have an incredibly favorable convergence in the paradigm of Ukrainian culture, from which an exceptional semantic added value is taken, which would be a sin not to use. Etymological kinship of the term "dragoman" as "translator, interpreter and interpreter, mediator, (cultural) diplomat, craftsman and servant of understanding and understanding" - and the name of one of the leading figures in the canon of Ukrainian history of ideas - Mikhail Drahomanov.

It is quite obvious that this award is not dedicated exclusively to Drahomanov and is not consecrated directly in his name, is not under his protection and patronage. However, it is also obvious that the fact that Mykhailo Drahomanov is the personification of the belief and practice of translating Ukraine to the world and the world to Ukraine, to attract, to join Ukraine to the world and the world to Ukraine gratefully enhances the richness, the shimmer of these values.

It is good if a knowledgeable contemporary can read all these meanings at once. But it is enough when at least one person speaks to him from this name: we are talking about translators. Especially since the concept of dragoman has circulation and is immediately reported in many world languages. Writing the name of this international award in Latin transliteration through the aspirational h only further emphasizes its Ukrainian origin.

Prize winners

2020 - Claudia Dathe, Germany



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