Russians killed Kharkiv journalist Ihor Hudenko

Sytnikov Maksym
Sytnikov Maksym
Заступник виконавчої директорки
Russians killed Kharkiv journalist Ihor Hudenko

On 20 May, the news broke out on the death of the Kharkiv-based photographer, video blogger and activist Ihor Hudenko who went incommunicado on 26 February. His body was found on Natalia Uzhviy Street, not far from the bypass in the northern Saltivka district where the fighting with Russian invaders raged.

Ihor Hudenko reported on the fighting with Russian occupiers around the Kharkiv bypass. On 25 February the journalist uploaded a video of wrecked Russian military hardware – the next day he went incommunicado. His family and friends were looking for the man, but to no success.

Ihor Hudenko co-authored the documentary film Yevhen Kotliar, the Hero of Ukraine, filmed the killings of the Heavenly Hundred in the centre of Kyiv, and participated in the Green Movement in Kharkiv. Hudenko is the 29th journalist killed at the hands of Russian occupiers over the three months of Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine

Sytnikov Maksym
may 23, 2022
Tags: #Losses#War
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