Human rights activist and journalist Maksym Butkevych held captive by Russian occupiers

Sytnikov Maksym
Sytnikov Maksym
Заступник виконавчої директорки
Human rights activist and journalist Maksym Butkevych held captive by Russian occupiers

Maksym Butkevych, a Ukrainian human rights activist, journalist, co-founder of the ZMINA Human Rights Center and Hromadske Radio, was taken captive by Russian occupiers. Presumably, it happened during the occupation of Hirska hromada in Luhansk region. On June 24th, occupiers’ propagandist resources uploaded a video in which Butkevych and his comrades were being interrogated. There has been no contact with the human rights activist since.

Maksym Butkevych is a Ukrainian human rights activist who specializes in helping refugees, displaced persons and countering discrimination. He is the coordinator and co-founder of Without Borders project focusing on providing support for refugee seekers and displaced persons, and combatting hate speech.

During the Euromaidan Revolution, Maksym Butkevych was a reporter and host of programs on Hromadske Radio. Previously, he had worked for BBC World Service and a number of Ukrainian TV channels. He was a guest lecturer at NaUKMA and member of Amnesty International Ukraine Board and a public council of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

In March 2022, Maksym Butkevych joined the Ukrainian Armed Forces to defend Ukraine from Russian occupiers.

Sytnikov Maksym
july 11, 2022
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