Nariman Celal sentenced to 17 years in prison, Asan Akhtemov to 15 by occupiers

Sytnikov Maksym
Sytnikov Maksym
Менеджер правозахисних проєктів
Nariman Celal sentenced to 17 years in prison, Asan Akhtemov to 15 by occupiers
Nariman Celal and the Akhtemov brothers on the day of the announcement of the verdict. Photo: Crimean Process

The occupying Supreme Court of Crimea announced the ‘verdict’ in the trumped-up case of the deputy chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people Nariman Celal, civic journalist Asan Akhtemov, and his cousin Aziz Akhtemov. Jointly the three of them were sentenced to 45 years of imprisonment: Nariman Celal to 17, Asan Akhtemov to 15, and Aziz Akhtemov to 13 years.

The ’court’ found them guilty of sabotaging the use of a gas pipeline in the village of Perevalne, smuggling and possession of explosives. Besides imprisonment, all the three were given penalties in the amount of 500,000 to 700,000 rubles. On top of that, Nariman Celal was sentenced to 1.5 year of limited rights upon the end of his imprisonment.

Nariman Celal and the cousins Aktemov were detained by Russian occupiers on Sept. 4, 2021, a few days after Celal’s participation in the inaugural summit of the Crimea Platform. Since Sept. 6, they have been under illegal politically motivated arrest. Their trial took place in gross violation of the regulations with no real evidence base at all.

Nariman Celal in his final word at the trial said:

It’s not us that you are judging. It’s your own sentence. No frauds or perjuries will help you on Judgment Day. Perhaps when the just punishment overtakes you for your injustice, you will recall our three names – or rather much more of them.

Nariman Celal in his final word at the trial.

Sytnikov Maksym
September 21, 2022
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