Oleg Sentsov announced the end of his hunger strike

Oleg Sentsov announced the end of his hunger strike

Oleg Sentsov will end his hunger strike tomorrow, October 6, due to the threat of force feeding.

He announced it in the letter, which he passed through his lawyer Dmitry Dinze. In this letter he writes:

"To everyone who is still interested:

In connection with the critical state of my health, as well as the pathological changes in the internal organs that have begun, in the very near future I am scheduled for forced feeding. My opinion is no longer taken into account. Allegedly, I am no longer able to adequately assess the level of my health and danger to it. Forced feeding will be carried out as part of resuscitation to save the patient's life. In these conditions, I have to stop my hunger strike from tomorrow, that is, from the October 6, 2018.

145 days of struggle, minus 20 kg of weight, plus a torn organism, but the goal was never achieved. I am grateful to everyone who supported me, and I apologize to those whom I have failed ...

Glory to Ukraine!

Oleg Sentsov. October 5, 2018"


October 5, 2018
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