Here-And-Now: Stories of Journalists at the War

Here-And-Now: Stories of Journalists at the War

A joint special project of the Ukrainian PEN in collaboration with George Gongadze Prize and the online magazine The Ukrainians. 

Year: 2022

Idea of the project: Tetyana Teren

Project coordinator: Oksana Mamchenkova

Project description

After the full-scale invasion of Russia against Ukraine began on February 24, 2022, every Ukrainian had to choose their role to be efficient and approach the victory. Ukrainian journalists faced such a choice, too.

Should they work in their cities, go to the frontline for some content or evacuate to relatively safe places? Stay in the profession or take up arms? Where could they be the most useful?

"Here And Now: Stories of Journalists at the War" is a project which contains 15 stories of those who cover and reflect on the full-scale invasion of Russia against Ukraine, who shoot and record stories from the frontline and the rear, who go live from the air-raid shelters, alongside those who have enlisted to the Armed Forces. All these people speak on their personal and professional choices.

The stories of the project can be read and listened to.

Podcast host: Olha Snitsarchuk

Producer, editor, and sound designer: Dmytro Palchykov

Audio engineer: Viktoriia Lavrynenko

Podcast cover design: Anastasiia Struk

Illustrations: Mariia Foya

Author of the texts: Oksana Rasulova

Copy editor: Anastasiia Levkova

English translator: Anna Vovchenko

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