Treasures of Ukraine. A Nation’s Cultural Heritage

The publication is stamped “Library of the Ukrainian PEN”

Editor: Victoria Burlaka

Foreword: Andriy Kurkov

Authors: Andriy Puchkov, Christian Raffensperger, Diana Klochko, Maksym Yaremenko, Alisa Lozhkina, Myroslava M. Mudrak, Oleksandr Soloviev

Publishing house: Thames and Hudson

Year: 2022

Number of pages: 256

Book description

The book Treasures of Ukraine. A Nation's Cultural Heritage contains 220 color images of the most important works of art and architectural monuments from prehistoric times to the present day.

'Showcasing more than one hundred objects and buildings — from Byzantine icons and wooden churches to gold-domed cathedrals, folk art, and avant-garde masterpieces — Treasures of Ukraine chronicles the rich arts and heritage of a country currently facing destruction and devastation. The significance of the pieces is explained by renowned artists, curators, and critics, revealing the nation’s complex history and its impact on the present. From the development of ancient cultures like Trypillia and Scythia to early states such as Kyivan Rus and the Cossack Hetmanate, to the dawn of Modernism and the striking contemporary paintings and political artworks being produced today, Treasures of Ukraine reminds us that art and monuments represent powerful sources of collective memory and identity,' says the book's abstract.
All proceeds will be donated to PEN Ukraine, to help Ukrainian authors in need of support because of the Russia's war against Ukraine and restore damaged Ukrainian museums.

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