Human rights activists demand immediate hospitalization of unlawfully imprisoned Crimean journalist Iryna Danylovych

Human rights activists demand immediate hospitalization of unlawfully imprisoned Crimean journalist Iryna Danylovych

On March 22, 2023, citizen journalist Iryna Danylovych went on a dry hunger strike in Russian-occupied Crimea as she was not given medical care. The day before, the journalist fainted while being transported to the "Feodosia City Court" for studying the files of the criminal case. On December 28, 2022, the occupying power sentenced Iryna Danylovych to seven years in prison and a fine of RUB 50,000 in the fabricated case of "storage of explosives."


Iryna Danylovych is a nurse and civil activist from Feodosia. She cooperated with INzhyr media outlet and the Crimean Process human rights project, defended the interests of healthcare workers on the peninsula: she joined an independent trade union, wrote a lot about the violation of their rights, for example, about underpayments when dealing with COVID-19 patients.

After the abduction on April 29, 2022, imprisonment, and the fabrication of the criminal case, Iryna Danylovych almost lost her hearing, constantly has headaches, problems with coordination of movements, and believes that she had at least one micro stroke in prison. Because of this, she is not able to finish studying the files of the court hearings, in which she previously discovered several forgeries and falsifications.

Danylovych stated that she equated the court’s intention to complete the process of studying the files urgently, without taking into account her health condition, with torture. The journalist demands an end to the ill-treatment, refused to study the case files until she recovers, and officially went on a dry hunger strike.

According to Bronislav Danylovych, the father of the imprisoned journalist, the pre-trial detention center administration issued documents stating that his daughter was examined by a specialist and that her health condition does not prevent her from studying the case files.

On March 21, 2023, Iryna Danylovych fainted while being transported to the "Feodosia City Court", but an ambulance was not called for her. Also, in December 2022, during the debates in the "court", she felt bad but an emergency doctor who arrived in court falsified the conclusion, noting that Danylovych voluntarily refused to be hospitalized.

We call for the immediate hospitalization of citizen journalist Iryna Danylovych who has not received any medical care in the pre-trial detention center for five months. All this time she experiences suffering and physical pain. Without urgent and comprehensive treatment, Danylovych’s disease can lead to death, as it already happened to Crimean political prisoners Kostiantyn Shyring and Dzhemil Hafarov.

We demand the release of unlawfully convicted journalist Iryna Danylovych and the end to politically motivated prosecution for her civic and journalistic activities.

Appeals signed:

01. Human Rights Centre ZMINA
02. Crimean Process
03. Human Rights Center “Action”
04. CrimeaSOS
05. Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union
06. Association of Relatives of the Kremlin Political Prisoners
07. Crimean Human Rights Group
09. Regional Center for Human Rights
10. Kharkiv Institute for Social Research
11. Postypovyi Hurt Frankivtsiv
12. Institute of Mass Information
13. Institute for Peace and Common Ground
14. National Union of Journalists of Ukraine
15. PEN Ukraine
16. Human Rights House Crimea
17. Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group
18. “Almenda” Civic Education Center
19. Kharkiv Anticorruption Center
20. Center for Civil Liberties
21. Fundametal Research Support Fund
22. Media Initiative for Human Rights
march 22, 2023
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