Klochko Diana

Klochko Diana

Art critic, exhibition curator, editor, translator

Diana Klochko was born March 31, 1963 in the Kozyn village, Radivylivskyi district, Rivne region. In 1986 she began studying at the Kyiv State Art Institute in the Department of Theory and Art History, and in 1991 she defended her thesis and acquired specialty of "art critic". From that moment she has taught at art schools, until 1992, when she entered the postgraduate course of NAOMA. Since 1998 she worked as a correspondent for the "Day" newspaper, was an editor of IRF Magazine "Open World", was published in the magazines "Knizhnik-review", "Book Club", "ARTLine".

She was a member and expert in the jury of competitions "Knyga roku" (2001-2005), "Koronaciya slova" (2003 - 2011), and in 2011, together with Igor Pomerantsev (Great Britain), founded the "Metaphora" Translation Award.

Since 2003, she has been involved in artistic editing at Calvary publishing house, has been the manager of research and development of new series, continued this specialization as the head of publishing projects at Duliby publishing house. From 2006 till 2010, she headed the publishing house Grani-T, and after that moved to the Strategic Development Department and Cultural and artistic center NaUKMA as a leading specialist.

Since 2011 she started to deliver public lectures, has been an author of five full and ten mini-courses on the history of art.

Co-exhibitor of the exhibition project "Project Aeneid. Visual History of the Legendary Poem "(2017, NHMU), co-founder of the Ukrainian Visual Book Platform (with Pavel Gudimov).