Forostyna Oksana

Forostyna Oksana

Publisher, co-founder of Yakaboo Publishing

Co-founder at Yakaboo Publishing, editor, translator, and writer.

In October 2014 she's been chosen to the New Europe 100 list of outstanding challengers from Central and Eastern Europe (project of Res Publica (Poland) together with the Visegrad Fund, Google and Financial Times).

Former executive editor for Krytyka Journal (Kyiv, Ukraine) and for Critical Solutions — online media project of Krytyka. In 2015 Oksana launched her independent publishing TAO.

Previously collected professional experience as a content expert and expert in message development and verbalization at pro.mova consulting company. As senior account manager at pro.mova, oversaw projects in branding, development of communication strategies, and promotional instruments.

Formerly an investigative journalist, covering national politics in the local Lviv daily Lvivska Gazeta and has been the local reporter for Voice of America (2004-2007). During 2005-2015 she also contributed to BusinessWeek, Eurozine, The Interpreter, Transit, Transitions Online, Gazeta Wyborcza, Visegrad Insight, and other media.

Within 1998-2002 also worked as Press Secretary for Dzyga Art Association, a unique cultural and intellectual center and contemporary art gallery in Lviv (Ukraine). She was also involved in one of Dzyga’s media projects as Executive Producer of an FM radio station in Lviv.

She graduated Journalism at Lviv Franko university in 2000.

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