Amelina Victoria

Amelina Victoria

Ukrainian writer, author of novels and short stories

Victoria Amelina was born on January 1, 1986. In her school years, she moved to Canada with her father, but decided to return to Ukraine soon afterwards. In 2007, she graduated cum laude from Lviv Polytechnic University (MA in computer technologies). During 2005-2015, Amelina worked at various international IT companies.

In 2014, Victoria Amelina made her debut as a writer with the novel The Fall Syndrome, or Homo Compatiens which was included into top-10 books of the LitAccent 2014 rating. In 2015, the novel was reissued and shortlisted for the Valerii Shevchuk Prize.

In 2015 Victoria Amelina left her successful IT career to dedicate herself exclusively to writing.

In 2016, her children’s book Somebody, or Waterheart was published.

Amelina’s novel Dom’s Dream Kingdom was published in 2017 and awarded as the best book of the year according to Zaporizhzhia Book Toloka and shortlisted for LitAccent 2017 Prize, UNESCO City of Literature Prize, and European Union Prize for Literature. 

Victoria's prose, poems and essays have been translated into many languages, including English, Polish, Italian, German, Croatian, Dutch, Chezh, and Hungarian. 

Victoria Amelina is the founder of the New York Literature Festival, which takes place in a small town called New York in the Donetsk region. Due to the full-scale Russian invasion of 2022, instead of the festival, the team launched the "Fight Them with Poetry" initiative to help supply the Ukrainian Army units defending the region.

Since 2022 Victoria Amelina has been collaborating with the Ukrainian teams to document Russian war crimes and advocate for accountability for the international crimes committed by the Russian Federation and its troops on the territory of Ukraine and other countries. She is now working on a non-fiction project, War and Justice Diary: Looking at Women Looking at War.

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