"Svitliy Shlyah": the history of one concentration camp

The publication is stamped “Library of the Ukrainian PEN”

Author: Stanislav Aseyev

Year of publication: 2020

Publisher: Old Lion Publishing House

Translation: Victoria Stach

Book description

The prison, which is actually a concentration camp where horrific torture is used, operates in modern Ukraine. There are no laws behind the prison fence, there is a completely different life: in humiliation, fear and uncertainty, with wounds and burns on the body, with pain from broken bones and often from broken will and consciousness. The main task here is to survive when you no longer want to live and almost nothing depends on you, to maintain common sense when you are close to madness, to remain human in inhuman conditions, where faith, forgiveness, hatred and even the gaze between cat and victim acquire others meanings.

To survive in the hell of the concentration camp, journalist Stanislav Aseyev wrote this book - frank, emotional, deep, in which there are more questions than answers, because people's lives after release from captivity are forever divided into "before" and "after".

The Ukrainian translation is presented next to the original.

The book was supported by the International Renaissance Foundation.

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