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Zhadan Serhiy

Ukrainian poet, novelist, translator, public activist

Born on 23 august 1974 in Starobilsk of Voroshilovgrad region, Ukrainian SSR. Ukrainian poet, prose writer, translator and public activist.

Serhiy Zhadan’s literary works have received numerous national and international awards; have been translated into many languages, which made him one of the most renowned Ukrainian writers. Furthermore, Serhiy Zhadan is an active contributor to literary life in Ukraine and participant of synthetic art projects.

In 1991, he was one of the organizers of the Kharkiv neo-futurist literary group "Chervona Fira".
Since 2000, he has been a Vice-President of the Ukrainian Writers’ Association.
During the Orange Revolution, Zhadan was a commandant of the tent campus in Kharkiv.
He is famous for his critical expressions and publications against Kharkiv officials: Dobkin and Kernes.
He has expressed leanings towards anarchists on multiple occasions; many of his works contain ideas of the ‘left’.

In 2011, he arranged a campaign condemning a law "On Protection of Public Moral".

Active participant of the Kharkiv Euromaidan.

He advocates for the release of illegally imprisoned in Russia Ukrainian film director Oleg Sentsov.

Zhadan Serhiy
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