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Snyadanko Natalka

Ukrainian writer, translator, publicist

Ukrainian writer, translator from the German and Polish languages, publicist. Born in Lviv.

Studied at Lviv National University (Ukrainian philology), University of Freiburg (Slavic studies, polonistics), Warsaw University (translation workshop). Worked as a coordinator of the Research Center of the Ancient Tradition of Eastern and East-Central Europe; was the member of the editorial board of Polish-German-Ukrainian literary magazine "RADAR"; worked as a journalist and editor in several Ukrainian newspapers and magazines.

Publications in: "du", NZZ (Sweden); "Die Welt", "Süddeutsche Zeitung", "Deutsche Welle" (Germany), "New York Times", "The Guardian" (USA); "Gazeta Wyborcza", "Tygodnik Powszechny", "Nowa Europa Wschodnia" (Polnad). Since 2001 has been writing prose. Author of 9 books, among them — 7 novels translated and published in 11 countries. Participant of numerous Ukrainian and international literary festivals. Winner of the Joseph Conrad Prize, the translation award from the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture in Vienna (for translating "Die Klavierspielerin" by Elfriede Jelinek); the finalist of the Polish literary prize "Angelus" etc. Won scholarships from Berlin Academy of Arts, Berlin Literary Colloquium, Robert Bosch Foundation, Polish Ministry of Culture, Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna, Austrian foundation "Kultur Kontakt", and others.

Snyadanko Natalka
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