Voznyak Taras

Voznyak Taras

Editor of "Yi" magazine

Born on May 11, 1957 in the village of Svarychiv. Ukrainian culture expert, political scientist, editor-in-chief and founder of the Independent Cultural Magazine "Ї".

In 1974-1979, Taras Voznyak studied at Lviv Polytechnic Institute (currently Lviv Polytechnic National University)

In 1980-1984, he served as an officer in the armed forces in the town of Iziaslav, Khmelnytskyi Oblast. During his army service, he was actively engaged in translation of philosophy works by Edmund Husserl, Roman Ingarden, Gabriel Marcel, Martin Heidegger, Hans-Georg Gadamer, and Max Scheler.

After demobilization in 1984, Taras Voznyak started working as a programmer at the Lviv Factory of Milling Machines. After the "Gorbachev's thaw" he joined the democratic movement and co-organized the first strike in Ukraine (at Lviv Factory of Milling Machines).

Taras Voznyak was close to an informal group of intellectuals united under the name of "Lvivska Shkola" (Lviv School) that was operating in Lviv in the 1980s and had Ihor Klekh, Hryhoriy Komskyi, Mykola Yakovyna and others among its members. Voznyak organized the publishing of "samvydav" culturology literature. He translated and published a large number of texts within "samvydav", in particular the books by Polish-Jewish writer Bruno Schulz.

In 1987, Taras Voznyak together with Mykola Yakovyna initiated the creation of the independent cultural magazine. The name of the magazine– "Ї" – was suggested by Ukrainian translator Hryhorii Kochur and linguist Yurii Sheveliov during the meeting in Lviv. Magazine "Ї" has become a cult publication in Lviv. The editorial series of the Magazine have been reconstructing local identities of Halychyna, Volyn, Zakarpattia, and Bukovyna for many years. A number of issues have been promoting the almost non-existent Polish, Jewish and Armenian cultural landscapes of the region — the Polish, Jewish and Armenian "universes" of Halychyna.

In 1989, the first publication of the independent cultural Magazine "Ї" was published, invariable editor and publisher of which is Taras Voznyak. The first five issues were printed as photocopies in Vilnius with the help of Lithuanian national democratic movement "Saudis"". Then, the publication would be transferred to Lviv where it was stitched up and distributed in Ukraine. That is when Oleksandr Kryvchenko, editor of the 'samvydav' Lviv newspaper "Postup", joined the Magazine. Since 1995, the edition was officially registered; its founders have become Taras Voznyak, Mykhailo Moskal and Oleksandr Pohranychnyi.

Independent cultural magazine "Ї" has both paper and electronic versions, and has long become an influential public organization and so-called think tank. Main topics the NGO Magazine "Ї" covers include issues of civil society, human rights, interethnic relations, cross-border cooperation, multiculturalism, European integration, regionalism, globalization as well as anti-globalization movements, ecumenical dialogue and political changes in the region.

On the basis of the NGO Magazine "Ї", Taras Voznyak organizes and conducts numerous international and nationwide Ukrainian as well as local conferences, meetings, round tables, discussions and other events. He is an ideologist and organizator of public campaigns for promotion of cultural heritage of Halychyna: XVIII century sculptor Johann Georg Pinsel, writer and painter Bruno Schulz, writer Zygmunt Haupt.

Magazine "Ї" has already become Lviv’s cult edition. Over the years, the Magazine has reconstructed local identities of Halychyna, Volyn, Zakarpattia and Bukovyna. A number of issues with the help of software reconstruct virtually inexistent Polish, Jewish and Armenian cultural landscapes of the area, that is Polish, Jewish, Armenian 'worlds' of Halychyna. Special series are devoted to phenomena of the cities: Lviv, Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, Kolomyia, Zhovkvy.

In 2001, Taras Voznyak and Oleksandr Pohranchnyi initiated the establishment of the civil award "Order for Intellectual Courage", which was accepted by Borys Tarasiuk, Natalia Yakovenko, Myroslav Popovych, Emma Andrijewska, Roman Viktiuk, Viacheslav Briukhovetskyi, Valentyn Sylvestrov, Myroslav Marynovych, Hryhorii Hrabovych, Andrzej Nikodemowicz, Borys Hudziak, Pavlo Chuchka, Yevhen Zakharov, Roman Petruk, Bohdan Osadchuk, Leonid Finberg, Mustafa Dzhemiliov, Anatolii Hrytsenko, Ihor Isichenko, Oksana Pakhliovska, Andrii Sodomora, Ihor Shevchenko, Yaroslav Hrytsak, Moisei Fishbein.

Public and publicistic activity

In the 90s, Taras Voznyak actively started publishing his cultural essays both in Ukraine and abroad. He is an author of more than 400 publications in Ukrainian and foreign press, permanent author at magazines: "Ї", "Suchsnist", "Kyiv", "Philosophical and Sociological Thought", "Krytyka", "Heneza", "Universum", "Hlavred"; newspapers: "Den", "Dzerkalo Tyzhnia", "Gazeta po-ukrainsky", "Ukraina Moloda", "Ukrainskyi Tyzhden" and some blogs.

Since the independence of Ukraine, Taras Voznyak occupying various positions has constantly been engaged in international relations and cross-border cooperation.

Since 1989 – Head of the Board of the NGO "International Center for Cultural Initiatives", Lviv
1996-1999 – Head of Publishing Board of the International Renaissance Foundation, Kyiv
Since1998 – member of the Rotary club "Lviv-Leopolis", Lviv
2002-2004 – Head of Supervisory Board of the "East–East: Partnership Beyond Borders" Program of the International Renaissance Foundation, Kyiv
2000-2004 – member of the Taras Shevchenko National Prize Committee
Since 2005 – co-founder and member of Executive Board of the Polish-Ukrainian Cooperation Foundation (PAUCI), Warsaw-Kyiv
Since 2009 – member of Executive Board of the International Renaissance Foundation, Kyiv
2012–2017 – Executive Director of the Ukrainian Centre of PEN International, Kyiv