Makarov Yuri

Makarov Yuri

Journalist, TV presenter, documentary filmmaker, writer

Born on 24 April 1955 in Sofia (Bulgaria), Yuri is a journalist, TV personality, documentalist and writer. Editor in chief until 2008, and now a reviewer of the journal "Ukrainskyi Tyzhden" (Ukrainian Week). Member of the Executive Board of UA:PBC since 2017.

Yuri graduated from the Taras Shevchenko National University, Department of Roman and Germanic Philology (1972—77), was taught by Kostiantyn Tyshchenko. In 1977—1980, assistant at the department of languages, teacher of the French language at the P. Tchaikovsky Music Academy of Ukraine in Kyiv. In 1980—1987, he worked as a correspondent and reviewer of industrial and economical editorial at the Radio Telegraph Agency of Ukraine (RATAU). In 1987—1993, Yuri was an editor, film director of the "Kyivnaukfilm", "Chetver" studio. In 1994—1995, editor in chief deputy, "Kontrakt" Newspaper.

Since 1995, he has joined "Studio 1+1". In 1996, he became a host of the following programs: "Imperia Kino", "Telemania", "Snidanok z 1+1", "Special Project with Yuri Makarov", "Document". In 1998, he occupied a position of the editor in chief of the TV Company. In 2008—2010, he worked at the Pershyi Natsionalnyi (First National) TV channel, hosted "Cultural Front" Program.

In 2011–2013, Yuri worked on "TVi" TV channel, he hosted programs "Civilization" and "Civilization 2.0". In 2015, he co-hosted "War and Peace" talk show (with Yevhen Stepanenko) on "UA:Pershyi"; in 2016–2017, he was appointed Director of Creative Association of UA:PBC Documentary Films.

In autumn of 2007, he chaired "Ukrainskyi Tyzhden" journal, left a position of a chief editor in 2009; invariable columnist of the edition since then.

Member of the Committee of the Taras Shevchenko National Prize (since December 2016).

He has good command of the English, French and Bulgarian languages.