Chekh Artem

Chekh Artem


Artem Chekh (Ukrainian: Артем Чех, real name Artem Cherednyk; born 13th June 1985) is Ukrainian writer. Chekh was born in Cherkasy (Ukraine).

He graduated from National Academy of Culture and Arts Management (Kyiv) as sociologist, but he has never worked by speciality. Instead, he used to work as the actor of the Cherkasy drama theater, the guard, the seller, the promoter, the copywriter, the artist of the model-making department, as well as the senior rifleman and gunner of an armored troop-carrier in the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

At the moment he’s demobilized from the army and lives in Kyiv together with his wife, Ukrainian writer and filmmaker Iryna Tsilyk, and their son Andriy.

Artem Chekh's literary life has began in 2007, when he won the competition "City Youth Novel" held by Ukrainian publishing house "Folio". Since that time a number of his books have been published. Among the main features of Artem Chekh's prose are autobiography, grotesque, surrealism.

Some of the works by Artem Chekh were translated into German, English, Polish, Czech, Russian languages and published in foreign periodicals and almanacs.

The newest Chekh’s book "Zero point" (2017) is dedicated to his experience of being a soldier in the armed forces in 2015-2016 (including 10 months on the frontline) in Donbas. This book got the International Ukrainian-Belorusian prize "Warrior of Light" (2017), as well as Ukrainian prize "LitAccent of the Year" (2017) and the Ukrainian State prize named by Mykola Gogol (2018).