The Map of Ukraine

The Map of Ukraine. Intellectuals’ lecture series on contemporary Ukraine

Duration: 2021-2022

Concept: Victoria Amelina, Tetyana Teren

Project coordination, filming, editing, sound: Andrij Wachtel

Design: Myroslava Mokhnatska

Communication team: Iryna Rodina, Zakhar Davydenko, Oleksandra Kliosova

Project description

The Map of Ukraine is a series of video lectures conducted by Ukrainian intellectuals (writers, philosophers, scholars, journalists) about Ukraine’s different regions where they were born in, grew up, studied or resided in for a lengthy period of time. Each lecture presents historical events, iconic figures, customs, traditions of a Ukrainian region or city, showing its distinction and diversity along with unity and integrity. Personal stories and private geographies thus make up one map of our country. This video lecture series is designed to help better understand contemporary Ukraine, its ongoing processes, and therefore, contribute to overcoming stereotypes and foster understanding within the society.


  1. Alim Aliev (Crimea) – Deputy Director General of the Ukrainian Institute, civil activist
  2. Igor Kozlovskyy (Donetsk region) – scholar, writer, civil activist
  3. Diana Klochko (Kyiv) – art historian, exhibitions curator, writer
  4. Oleh Kotsarev (Харків) – writer, translator, journalist
  5. Anatoliy Dnistrovyi (Ternopil) – writer
  6. Ola Hnatiuk (Ukrainians in Poland) – researcher, professor of the NaUKMA and the University of Warsaw, Vice President of PEN Ukraine
  7. Andriy Lyubka (Uzhhorod) – writer
  8. Oles Ilchrenko (Kyiv) – writer
  9. Tamara Hundorova (Poltava regiom) – literary scholar, Doctor of Philology
  10. Olena Styazhkina (Donetsk and Luhansk regions) – writer, historian
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