2020/2021 PEN Ukraine focus theme: Culture on the waiting list

2020/2021 PEN Ukraine focus theme: Culture on the waiting list

Years: 2020–2021

Coordinator: Oksana Mamchenkova

Project description

Within this focus theme intellectuals–writers, philosophers, journalists, scholars–reflect on what awaits culture, Ukraine and the world following the quarantine and global crisis which put our life on pause.

Will the world after the pandemic be the same or different? What should we be afraid of and what should we laugh at? Will we overcome populism and quarantine? Or will we dissolve into the former and shut ourselves in the latter for good? Being on the waiting list gives us a chance to ponder how to use this difficult period in order to strengthen the organism of culture, our solidarity and how to use all those new and useful skills gained while on the waiting list.

Partners: Democracy Commission Small Grants Program of the Embassy of the United States in Ukraine, National Endowment for Democracy (NED), Hromadske Radio, editions Novoye Vremya and The Left Bank.

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