ZMINA Human Rights Center

ZMINA Human Rights Center works to protect freedom of speech and movement, counter discrimination, prevent torture and cruel treatment, combat impunity, support human rights and civil activists in Ukraine, including in the territory of occupied Crimea, as well as protect the rights of people afflicted by the armed conflict. The organization carries out information campaigns, education programs, monitors and documents violations of human rights, conducts research providing analytical outputs, and seeks changes through national and international advocacy.

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2021 - #SolidarityWords

2021 - #SolidarityWords

A joint project of the Ukrainian PEN and the ZMINA Human Rights Center, in which well-known Ukrainian writers and journalists became ambassadors of Ukrainian political prisoners-journalists imprisoned in the Russian Federation and the temporarily occupied Crimea. In their publications, interviews, public events in Ukraine and abroad, the ambassadors will call for the release of political prisoners and their cases. The solidarity program is designed to draw attention to the affairs of Ukrainian Kremlin hostages and to promote international pressure on Russia to release them.