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Panych Oleksiy

Philosopher, translator and public figure

Philosopher, translator and public activist; Senior Researcher at "Spirit and Letter" Publishing House; Supervisory Board Member at National Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine.

Born in Odesa, Ukraine (May 08, 1960). Graduated from Donetsk State University in 1982 as Teacher of Russian language and literature. Worked in Donetsk at metallurgical factory, coal mine, regional house of cultural workers. Teaches in higher education institutions since 1989. Degree of Candidate (≈ Ph.D.) in Theory of Literature and History of Russian Literature since 1990 (Kyiv Academic Institute of Literature).

In 1990s takes an active part in higher education reforms, co-authors a number of regulatory documents, including Law "On Higher Education". Since 1993 – rector of Donetsk Institute of Humanities (later Institute of Humanities of Donetsk National University), Chair of the Department of Cultural and Art Studies. In 1994-1997 serves as Vice-President of the Ukrainian Association of Private Higher Educational Institutions.

In 1999-2000 and 2005-2007 teaches Methodology of Educational Studies at Seton Hall University (USA). Research fellowship at Oxford University (Keble College) in 2004 and University of Michigan in 2012.

Degree of Doctor (≈ D.Hab.) in History of Philosophy since 2009 (Kyiv Academic Institute of Philosophy). Professor of Philosophy since 2011 (Donetsk National Technical University).

In 2009-2013 serves as Research Advisor and teaches at Donetsk Christian University; since 2014 teaches Philosophy at Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary (Kyiv).

Editorial board member in several research journals; guest editor of several issues of Philosophical Thought (Kyiv).

Panych Oleksiy
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