Kiva Iya

Born on 4 May 1984 in Donetsk, she is a Ukrainian poetess and translator.

Iya graduated from Donetsk National University (Russian Philology, Culture Studies). She also studied graphic design. Due to the Russian-Ukrainian war in the summer of 2014 she moved to Kyiv. She is a translator, editor and journalist.

She writes in Ukrainian and Russian languages. She has started writing in Ukrainian since the beginning of the war. Her poems, translations and reviews have been published in Ukrainian as well as foreign press and in various anthologies Ukraińskа nadzieja, Anthology of Young Ukrainian Poetry of the III Millennium, and others. She has authored poetry collections: A Little Further from Heaven (2018) and The First Page of Winter (2019). The poems have been translated into English, Polish, Lithuanian, French, Ukrainian, and Czech.

She is the translator of Marina Galina’s novel Avtokhtony (2016) into Ukrainian, and co-translator of Lesyk Panasiuk’s poetry collection The Screams of Hands (2018) into Russian.

She translates contemporary Ukrainian poems into Russian (Serhiy Zhadan, Oleh Kotsarev, Yulia Stakhivska, Olena Huseinova, etc.), and Yuliya Tsimafeyeva’s poems from Belarusian into Ukrainian.

Kiva is the laureate of a number of international and Ukrainian festivals and awards: the Yurii Kaplan Literary Prize (2013), the Emigrant Lyra International Poetry Festival (2016), Smoloskyp Publishing House Literary Contest (2018, IV Prize), The Crow International Poetry Contest (2019), etc. She has also been shortlisted for Metaphora Ukrainian Translation Award (2018).

The book A Little Further from Heaven has been selected to the list of PEN Ukraine’s Best Books in 2018.



Iya Kiva. A Little Further from Heaven. — Kiev: Kaiala, 2018. – 86 p. [in Russian]

Iya Kiva. The First Page of Winter. — Kyiv: Dukh і Litera, 2019. – 72 p. [in Ukrainian]