Denysenko Larysa

Born on 17 June 1973, Larysa is a Ukrainian writer, proser, lawyer, public activist, radio personality of live and author’s programs on Hromadske Radio.

She is public human rights defender and feminist, supports and represents campaigns against discrimination. Larysa is the UN Goodwill Ambassador for Tolerance in Ukraine.

Ambassador of the International Film Festival Children KinoFest – 2018.

Larysa curates projects providing legal aid free of charge and develops projects addressing education in human rights for children and teachers.

In the course of the few years she curates Lviv Publishers’ Forum special project “A Woman in the Topic” along with Iryna Slavinska.

Author of an innovative concept for teaching law with the help of author’s fairy-tales, project “Lawprimer”. Editor-in-chief of “ABC in Law”, a human rights magazine for adolescents.

She mastered the Ukrainian language at 23 when she started working at Ukraine’s Ministry of Justice. She graduated from Department of Law at the Kyiv Taras Shevchenko National University, lawmaking course at the Ministry of Justice of the Netherlands.

She writes columns, stories and essays for magazines (“Zhensky Zhurnal”, “Elle Ukraine”, “Harper’s Bazaar Ukraine”, “Domashny Ochag. Ukraina”, etc.) as well as for business weekly (“Novoye Vremya”, “Profile”, Ukrainska Pravda, Nimetska Khvylia, etc.).

She was an author and host of the culturological program “Document” on 1+1 for five years.

She was awarded with Ukraine’s Supreme Court medal “For Fidelity to Law”.

Member of Executive Board of PEN Ukraine.

Lives in Kyiv.


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