Korobchuk Pavlo

Poet, novelist, musician and journalist. Author of the poetry books Nachenebo (2005), Around the Clock! (2007, with Bohdan-Oleh Horobchuk and Oleh Kotsarev), Kayfolohiya (2010), Dinosaur (2011), Flickered (2013), Needles (2017). Author of the novels The Sea for Left-hander (2012) and Key Valves (2019), a book of short stories Sviashchenna Knyha Hopovidan (2014), and two books of selected poems in Slovak (Kameňolom and Pôžitkológia) and a book in Polish Kajfuj Kajfuj (2019). The winner of more than ten literary contests and twenty literary slams. His works have been translated into English, German, Slovak, Polish, Russian, Lithuanian, Belarusian, Italian, Serbian, and Czech. He is also a musician, plays drums and writeselectronic music. He lives in Kyiv.

Photo: Valentyn Kuzan.