Mikhalitsyna Kateryna

Ukrainian poetess, children’s writer, translator and editor.

Born on 23 February 1982 in Mlyniv, Rivne region. Kateryna graduated from Rivne State Humanitarian University (Bachelor in Biology) in 2003. In her student years, she took part in a literary community Poetarkh at Rivne Palace for Children and Youth.

In 2002, she moved to Lviv. In 2009, she graduated from the Institute of Postgraduate Education at Ivan Franko National University (Master in English Language and Literature). She worked as a copywriter; tutor of English and Biology; translator of articles in genetics and pharmaceutics. In 2008–2012, she took a job of an editor and translator at the Astroliabia Publishing House. Kateryna participated in social and art Silver Book Project and all-Ukrainian Add Reading! Initiative (Yevhenia Piroh as the author inspiration for both projects).

In 2012, Lina Romanukha and Yaryna Kvitka – participants of the theatre formation MAPA.UA – made a mini play based on “The Angelage” poetry series for the FashionPoem Project. Since 2013, Kateryna has been deputy of the editor-in-chief of the Old Lion Publishing House. She is a participant of 2014–2015 Lithuanian-Ukrainian translation studies (Lviv, Druskininkai). As an author, publisher representative, editor, translator, moderator, she took part in the Bologna Children’s Literature Exhibition, Frankfurt Book Fair, Book Arsenal, Publishers’ Forum, Intermezzo Short Story Festival, etc.

Kateryna Mikhalitsyna participated in the 2016 Frankfurt Fellowship supported by the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Her book “Who Grows in the Park” illustrated by Oksana Bula has been featured in the 2016 White Ravens International Catalogue of Children’s Literature. Her poems have been translated into Bulgarian, Polish, German, Swedish, Armenian, Lithuanian, and Russian.


poetry collections:
– “The Flood” (Volynski Oberehy, 2000)
– “Pilgrim” (self-published, 2002),
– “Shadow in the Mirror” illustrated by Aliena Semchyshyn (Old Lion Publishing, 2013)

books for children:
– art book with a poem “Rainbow Over the Meadow” illustrated by artist Yulia Polishchuk (2012)
– “Grandma’s Abode” illustrated by Natalka Haida (Old Lion Publishing, 2013)
– “Meadow Rhyme” illustrated by Mariana Petriv (Old Lion Publishing, 2015; this cardboard book is named the best one for children aged 0–3 by “Critics’ Ranking”)
– “Who Grows in the Park” illustrated by Oksana Bula (Old Lion Publishing, 2016; the book is named the best in nomination “Prose for preschool and primary school age” by “Critics’ Ranking”)
– “About Dragons and Happiness” illustrated by Natalka Haida (Old Lion Publishing, 2016)
– “Who Grows in the Garden” illustrated by Oksana Bula (Old Lion Publishing, 2017)
– “Yas and his Cars» illustrated by Tetiana Tsiupka (Old Lion Publishing, 2018)
– “Yas and His Great Bikecareer» illustrated by Tetiana Tsiupka (Old Lion Publishing, 2019)
– “Dmukhavka and Other Furry Little Poems” illustrated by Yulia Pylypchatyna (Old Lion Publishing, 2019)
– “Tomo and his Whale” illustrated by Oksana Drachkovska (Chytarium, 2019)