Galina Maria

A Russian-language writer and poetess of Ukrainian descent. Born on 10 November 1958 in Kalinin (now Tver). Until 1968 she lived in Kyiv, then in Odesa. She graduated from the Odesa University (Department of Biology, specialized in hydrobiology and ichthyology).

Since 1987 she has resided in Moscow. She worked at the research institute; in 1994 under the contract she worked at the Bergen University (Norway), where she studied environmental issues and population of salmon. In 1995 she quit science and devoted her whole self to literature.

Her first verses were published in The Antarctic, a widely-circulating in Odesa newspaper; her debut publication in the national press was in Youth journal. Novels, novellas and stories in the spirit of chimerical prose, as well as Galina’s poems have the Ukrainian foundation (Farewell My Angel, A Blanket for Abaddon, A Small Outback, Wolves, The Indigenous, Hanka and Her Elf, In the Wetlands, Smugglers, Resort Area). The Indigenous and A Small Outback have been translated into Ukrainian (translators: Marianna Kijanowska and Iya Kiva) and published by Folio (2016) Fabula (2018).

Maria Galina continuously collaborates with the Ukrainian community of science fiction writers (editor, translator and author at Reality of Science Fiction journal (Kyiv, 2003-2008). Her works are featured in anthologies of contemporary science fiction. Maria organized literary master classes on science fiction story (Star Fortress Community). Her novels in science fiction have been distinguished by Portal Kyiv Convention, Star Bridge Kharkiv Convention, and Kyiv Laurels International Poetry Festival. She reviews Ukrainian science fiction prose (the last publication at Novy Mir, 2012).

Extensively translates Ukrainian poets into Russian (her latest translation is Marianna Kijanowska’s Babyn Yar: In Voices, Novy Mir, 2018, №11). She has translated into Russian poems of Serhiy Zhadan, Marianna Kijanowska, Halyna Tkachuk, Halyna Kruk, Kateryna Babkina, Vasyl Holoborodko and Vasyl Makhno.

As a guest editor of the English-language Poem Journal she makes the Ukrainian authors page; for the journal she has translated into English poems of Kateryna Babkina, Kateryna Kalytko, Oleh Kotsarev, Halyna Kruk, Marianna Kijanowska, Olena Stepanenko and Iya Kiva.

Permanent participant at the Kyiv Laurels Festival, Lviv Publishers’ Forum, Kyiv book Arsenal. She took part in the first book festival in Dnipro.

Participant in campaigns and signatory of letters in support of Ukraine.