Tatarenko Alla

Born on 27 September 1962 in Mohyliv-Podilskyi, Vinnytsia region.
Slavicist, translator, literary critic. Doctor of Philology, Professor, Head of Department of Slavic Philology at Ivan Franko Lviv National University.

Author of five monographs (in Serbian and Ukrainian) and over 230 publications in literary studies in Ukrainian, Serbian, Croatian, Polish, French, German; nearly 90 translations from Serbian, Croatian and Polish into Ukrainian, and from Ukrainian into Serbian.

Since 2007, Alla has taken part in organization of the international literary festival Publishers’ Forum. She has moderated various literary campaigns in Ukraine and abroad. She is a compiler of the modern Croatian prose anthology “Croatian Mosaic” (Kharkiv, 2006), “A Boat of Words” (co-authored with N. Veinovych) (Lviv, 2010), modern Serbian prose “Insurmountable Eros of the Story” (Lviv, 2009); compiled Ukrainian edition of the “Anthology of Serbian Postmodernism Fantasy” by S. Damjanović (Lviv, 2004), thematic “Serbian” issue of “Ї” (Ji) Journal (with I. Luchuk) (Lviv, 1999), thematic “Balkan” issue of “Potiah 76” Journal (with O. Slyvynsky) (Potiah 76: Balkan Espress: Chernivtsi, 2007), selection of modern Ukrainian poetry translations in Serbian journals: “Literary Magazine”, “Mons Aureus”, “Belgrade Book Journal”.

Alla is a member of Serbian Literary Society. She was awarded with the Certificate of Merit from the Association of Literary Translators of Serbia (2011), Award of Gratitude from the Faculty of Philology and Art of the University of Kragujevac (2008), Certificate from the Rector of the Ivan Franko Lviv National University, Certificate of Merit from Belgrade University Philology Department for contribution to Serbian Slavistics (2015); honored with the Award from Serbian PEN Centre as the best translator of Serbian literature (2015).

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Main translations:
Danilo Kiš. Encyclopedia of the Dead. Lviv: Klasyka, 1998. 145 p. (in Ukrainian)
Danilo Kiš. A Tomb for Boris Davidovich. Lviv: Klasyka, 2000. 141 p. (in Ukrainian)
Milorad Pavić. Star Cape. Lviv,: Klasyka. 2002. 119 p. (in Ukrainian)
Yurii Andrukhovych. Perversion. Belgrade: Clio. 2002. 365 p. (co-authored with M. Ivanovych) (in Serbian)
Borislav Pekić. New Jerusalem: A Gothic Chronicle. Lviv: Kalvaria, 2007. – 192 p. (in Ukrainian)
Zvonko Karanović. Drums and Strings, the Highway and the Night / transl. from Serbian by Alla Tatarenko. // Lviv: LA Piramida. – 2011 – 100 p. (in Ukrainian)
Nebojša Romčević. And Now the Most Important Had to Be, Кyiv : Tempora, 2014 (co-authored with Z. Huk) (in Ukrainian)
Miloš Crnjanski. The Journal of Čarnojević. – Lviv: ЛА Piramida, 2015. – 96 p. (in Ukrainian)
Srđan Srdić. Satori. – Kyiv: Кomora, 2015. – 144 p. (in Ukrainian)