Savka Maryana

Born in 1973 in the town of Kopychyntsi, Ternopil region. Poet, children’s author, literary scholar, publicist, editor-in-chief and co-founder of “Vydavnytstvo Staroho Leva” (“Old Lion’s Publishing House”), translator, public figure.

In her youth, practiced singing and acting. Graduated from the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv. During her university years, was a member of a literary group MMYNNA TUGA (ММЮННА ТУГА) (the name formed of the group is formed with the first letters of the members’ names: Mariana Savka, Marianna Kiianovska, Yulia Mishchenko, Natalka Sniadanko, Natalia Tomkiv, and Anna Sereda).

Graduated from the drama studio at the Les Kurbas Lviv Theater. Worked as a junior researcher at the Center of Periodicals at the Lviv National Vasyl Stefanyk Scientific Library, as well as a literary editor and cultural observer at the daily newspaper “Postup”.

On December 13, 2001, together with her then husband Yuri Chopyk, founded in Lviv the “Vydavnytstvo Staroho Leva” Publishing House.

The author of several children’s books: “Does the Baboon Have a Grandma?” (ukr. «Чи є в бабуїна бабуся?» (2003)), “Paws and Tails” (ukr. «Лапи і хвости» (2005)), “Fairy Tale about an Old Line” (ukr. «Казка про Старого Лева» (2011)), “Sandals for the Centipede” (ukr. «Босоніжки для стоніжки» (2015)), “At the Swamp” (ukr. «На болоті» (2015)), “Silent Poems for Winter” (ukr. «Тихі віршики на зиму» (2015)).

Mariana’s poems were published in literary magazines and miscellanies, such as “Suchasnist” (Kyiv), “Svitovyd” (Kyiv – New York), “Kurier Kryvbasu” (Kryvyi Rih), “Chetver” (Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv), “Pleroma” (Ivano-Frankivsk), «Nemunas» (Vilnius), “Korolivskyi Lis” (Lviv), “The Ukrainian Quarterly” (New York) etc. Included to several poetry anthologies, for example, the anthology of eleven poetesses “We and She” (ukr. «Ми і Вона») and “Metamorphoses. Top Ten Ukrainian Poets of the Last Decade” (ukr. «Метаморфози. Десять найкращих українських поетів останніх десятих років»).

Published works

* Bare Channels (ukr. Оголені русла, 1995).

* Paintings on the Stone (ukr. Малюнки на камені, 1998).

* Bitter Mandrake (ukr. Гірка мандрагора, 2002).

* Love and War (ukr. Кохання і війна, 2002).

* Does the Baboon Have a Grandma? (ukr. Чи є в бабуїна бабуся?, 2003)

* Paws and Tails (ukr. Лапи і хвости, 2005).

* Strawflowers (ukr. Квіти цмину, 2006)

* Boston-Jazz: Visions and Poems (ukr. Бостон-джаз [Текст]: візії та вірші, 2008)

* Shadow of Fish (ukr. Тінь риби, 2010)

* Fairy Tale about an Old Lion (ukr. Казка про Старого Лева, 2011)

* Time of Fruit and Flowers (ukr. Пора плодів і квітів, 2013)

* Sandals for the Centipede (ukr. Босоніжки для стоніжки, 2015)

* At the Swamp (ukr. На болоті, 2015)

* Silent Poems for Winter (ukr. Тихі віршики на зиму, 2015)

* Letters from Lithuania / Letters from Lviv (ukr. Листи з Литви / Листи зі Львова, 2016)

* Lullabies and Somnolent Poems (ukr. Колисанки і дрімливі вірші, 2017)