Amelina Victoria

Victoria Amelina was born in 1986 in the city of Lviv. At the age of 14, she immigrated to Canada but soon decided to come back to Ukraine. As a teenager she dreamt of becoming a writer, however, chose the IT field. For a decade she worked as a software programmer and manager for international companies.

In 2014 Victoria Amelina left her successful IT career to dedicate herself exclusively to writing. Within a year she became a laureate of the Ukrainian National Literary Award Koronatsiya Slova and released her debut novel The Fall Syndrome, or Homo Compatiens which was well received by critics. Since then, Victoria Amelina took part in numerous festivals, including major events like Read My World festival in Amsterdam, Book Arsenal in Kyiv and Book Forum in her native city of Lviv.

In 2016 her book for children Somebody, or Heart of Water was published in the Old Lion publishing house.

The most recent novel Den for Dom came out in August 2017 in the same publishing house. The book won the Best Prose Book award at Zaporizhya Book Festival (Zaporizka Toloka) and was short-listed for Litakcent award among five best books of 2017. The novel is set in an old Lviv apartment in which famous polish writer and philosopher Stanislaw Lem spent his childhood later described in his High Castle novel.

Victoria Amelina resides in Lviv and is working on her new novel.