Vdovychenko Halyna

Born June 21, 1959 in the village of Pechenga (Petsamo), the Murmansk region, Russian Federation. A Ukrainian writer, a prose writer, a novelist and a storyteller. As a child with her family, she moved a lot, studied at schools in Ivano-Frankivsk, Nadvirna, Rava-Rus’ka, Moscow. Graduated from the Faculty of Philology of Lviv National University, worked in the newspapers “Vpered” in the city of Artemivsk (Bakhmut) of the Donetsk region and in the newspaper “Vysokyy Zamok” (Lviv).

Lives in Lviv. A volunteer and a member of the community of mutual assistance (former homeless) “Emmaus-Oselya.

A debut novel “Half-an-Apple” (2008) got the second prize of “The Correspondent” weekly newspaper in the nomination “The Best Ukrainian Book 2009”. Participated in “The Word’s Corronation” – the International novels, dramas and screen-plays Conquest. The novel “Tamdevin” received the first prize in the nomination “novels” in 2009, a fairy tale for children “The League of Odd Socks” – the first prize in the category “Works for Children” in 2012. The novel “The Mariupol Process” won the grand prix in the “Grand Coronation of the Word-2015. According to the results of the All-Ukrainian rating “The Book of the Year 2015”, the novel “Mariupol Process” was one of the top 7 in the nomination “Red Writing. Genre literature”. The novel “Bora” and the story “The League of Odd Socks” were in the short-list of the “Book of the Year of the BBC”. In the Book Arsenal-2016, the children’s jury of the “Volcano Pencil” contest rewarded the story “36 and 6 cats” with the award of “Fox Handle” “For the funniest book of the year”.