Puchkov Andriy

Born in 1970 in Kiev. Ukrainian architectural theorist, cultural scientist, historian.
Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of architecture, Honoured Art Worker of Ukraine, Doctor of Arts, Professor.
He worked at the State Research Institute of Theory and History of Architecture & Urban Planning, ASS/A+C Publishing House, Modern Art Research Institute, and now is working at the Department of Theory and History of Art of the National Academy of Fine Arts & Architecture.
He is the author of more than two dozen single monographs and more than 700 publications in the scientific and popular scientific press. Including: “Spatial Neighborhoods of the Theory of Architecture: The Experience of Architectonic Gestures and Cultural Context” (1994), “Architectural Studies” (1995), “Gabrichevsky: The Concept of an Architectural Organism in the Thought Process of the 20–30s” (1997), “Pointillism of Ancient Space, or Architecture in the Aesthetics of Plato” (2000),“Architecture and Cultural Studies: Selected Articles” (2005), “Essays on Ancient and Early Medieval Cities” (2006), “Erechtheion and its Caryatids: Idio-nomographic Study” (2008), “The Poetics of Ancient Architecture” (2008), “Adolf Sonni, Citizen of Kiev: From the History of Classical Philology at the Imperial University of St. Vladimir” (2011), “Culture of Antique Dissimilarities: Silhouettes, profiles, masks” (2012), “Short History of Architectural Studies” (2013), “«Kiev»” by Osip Mandelstam in Intonations, Explanations, Pictures” (2015, 2018), “About Texts, Contexts and Conviction: Five Literary Funs (2016), “Open Skies: Kyiv Essays” (2017), “Art Historian Hryhorii Pavlutsky, the First Ukrainian” (New York, 2018), “Between Navigat. Open Air: Kyiv Essays / Drawings by S. Simakova. —Kyiv: DUKH I LITERA, 2017. — 304 p.; Art Scholar Hryhoriy Pavlutskyi, the First Ukrainian. — New York: Almaz, 2018. — 144 p.; “Kyiv” of Osip Mandelstam in Intonations, Explanations, Pictures. — 2nd edition, edited, revised and extended. — Kyiv: DUKH I LITERA, 2018. — 2018. — 224 p.; Between Navigational Masts: Profiles of Ukrainian Art Historians (Architecture and Visual Art). — Kyiv: DUKH I LITERA, 2018. — 392 p.; Kulakovius: The Kyiv Professor of Roman Literature in the Flakes of Time. — New York: Almaz, 2019. — 1136 p.