Pavlyshyn Andrii

Born on 30 July 1964 in Lviv, he is a translator, historian and journalist.

Graduated with honors from the Department of History of the Ivan Franko State University in Lviv (1986); specialization: Modern and Contemporary History; profession: historian, teacher of History and Social Science.

Participant of the scholarship programs “Gaude Polonia” of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland in translation: translations of prose works of Zbigniew Herbert (Warsaw, 2007), Schulz-based essayistic of Jerzy Fitsovski (Warsaw, 2009; both works were supervised by vice-president of Polish PEN Centre Adam Pomorski). In June–July 2011, Andrii was on a scholarship of the Book Institute in Kraków (preparation of translation of the “Book of Letters” by Bruno Schulz for full monumental edition of writer’s works in Ukrainian).

Professional experience
1985-1989 – teacher of History in Lviv schools №18, №42;

1989-1995 – program editor and editor-in-chief of the folowing publishing houses: “ESPOL” (NGO of the same name in Lviv), “Feniks” (at the Ukrainian Academy of Printing in Lviv), “Prosvita” (NGO of the same name in Lviv); initiator and editor of the first uncensored editions of V. Stus, Y. Malaniuk, I. Krypiakevych as well as of the collection of documents and materials about the history of Polish-Ukrainian relations in the XX century “Ukraine and Poland Between the Past and the Future” (nearly all copies of the edition were destroyed on the Kharkiv Book Factory during the insurgency of the State Committee on the State of Emergency); translations of B. Schulz books;

1995–1999 – representative of the “Osnovy” Publishing House (Kyiv) in the western Ukraine, director of its affiliate“Osnovy-Zakhid”.

1998–1999 – coordinator of international project implementation between Sweden, Poland and Ukraine concerning preparation and publishing of the first edition (in the independent Ukraine) of the universal lexicon “Universal dictionary-encyclopedia” based on visual encyclopedic dictionary “EUROPEDIA” by Sven Lidman Publishing House (Stockholm) and dictionary base of the Polish Scientific Publishers “PWN” (Warsaw);

1999–2002 – editor of the independent culturological magazine “Yi” (Lviv), project activist at the NGO of the same name;

2001–2002 – preparation and live presentation of a weekly Polish-language program about cultural life of contemporary Lviv for the 5th program of the “Polish Radio” (Lviv);

2001–2003 – participation in preparation of TV-series about contemporary history of Ukraine for the television of Ukraine, Poland, Germany, France and Russia; author of the script and host of the 4-series documentary “Volyn: Symbol of the calamity” (UT-1, 2003);

16.IX.2002–31.XII.2006 – co-worker of the “Lvivska Gazeta” (Lviv Newspaper): 2002–2004 – editor of the Commentary Department , 2004-2005 – deputy of the editor-in-chief, ХI.2005–X.2006 – editor-in-chief;

2003–2009 – host of the weekly analytical program “Political chessboard” on Lviv television (since

2004 on “Lviv” TV channel; due to political motives the program was shut down twice in 2003 and 2004);

January–February2004 – participant of the International Visitor Program of the U.S. Department of State “Electoral reforms and elections of 2004 in the USA” (Washington-Charleston-Detroit);

2005 – participation in preparation of the quarterly “Ukraїna” in the Polish language (only the first edition was published);

November 2007–December 2012 – editor-in-chief of the networking resource “Western analytical group”;

September 2010 – Professor of the Ukrainian Catholic University; special courses “Specifics of Ethnic Conflicts Interpretation in Western Ukraine during the WWII in Sources of Personal Origin”, “Strategies of Modern Ukrainian Nation-Building in XX-XXI centuries”, “Theory of Totalitarian Regimes as Interpretational Hypothesis in Studies of Contemporary History of Ukraine”, “Ukrainian-Polish Relations in XX-XXI centuries”, translatorium for the Master’s program;

2013–2014 – preparation of scientific research “A Prosopographic Portrait of Anton Krushelnytskyi against the Backdrop of the Era”.

Andrii translates from the Polish language (B. Schultz, Z. Herbert, W. Szymborska, T. A. Olszański, A. Stasiuk, M. Gretkowska, M. Komar, L. Kołakowski, S. J. Lec etc.) as well as from English, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian.