Marynycheva Olena

Born in 1954 in Bilenke village of Zaporizka oblast, she is a Russian translator, journalist and literary critic.

In 1958 Olena moved to Zaporizhia. In 1962, she went to the Zaporizhia secondary school #31 taught in the Ukrainian language with an in-depth study of English. In 1972, she finished with a gold medal. In the same year, she joined the Department of Journalism (specialty: Literary Criticism) of the Lomonosov Moscow State University in Moscow. She was a student of Professor Anatoliy Bocharov, founder of the Literary Criticism Subdivision.

Olena worked as a journalist in Moscow magazines: “Club”, “Culture and Life”. She has published translations and critical articles in such editions: “Izvestiya”, “Literaturnoe Obozrenie”, “The New Times”, “Novaya Gazeta”, “Obshchaya Gazeta”, “Computerrа”, “Novy Mir”, “Novaya Yunost”, “Druzhba Narodov”,, textonly and others. She is member of the Moscow Union of Journalists (since 1988), International Federation of Translators (since 2007) та Masters of Literary Translation Guild (since 2015).

Since the middle of 1990s she translates literary works from English and Ukrainian. She lives in Moscow.

Bibliography of translations:

From Ukrainian:

Oksana Zabuzhko. “Fieldwork in Ukrainian Sex”. — Moscow: “Nezavisimaya Gazeta”, 2001. The book includes a novel “Fieldwork…”, story “Girls”, and “correspondence between author and translator”.

Maria Matios. “The Nation”. — Moscow: “Bratonezh”, 2007. Novel “Sweet Darusya” in translation of O. Marynycheva and S. Solozhenkina, edit. by O. Marynycheva; cycle of novellas “The Nation” in translation of O. Marynycheva.

Oksana Zabuzhko. “Fieldwork in Ukrainian Sex”. — Moscow: АSТ, 2007. Novel “Fieldwork…”, stories “Girls” і “Album for Gustav”, narrative “An Alien”.

Oksana Zabuzhko. “Fieldwork in Ukrainian Sex”. Yuri Andrukhovych, “Recreations”. — Moscow: “Druzhba Narodov”, within “Best Contemporary Prose” series, 2008. Oksana Zabuzhko’s novel in translation of O. Marynycheva, poems from the novel transl. by Dmytro Kuzmin. Andrukhovych’s novel in translation of Yulia Ilyina-Korol.

Yevhenia Kononenko. “Without a Man”. — Moscow: “Flyuid”, 2009. Collection of stories and essays.

Maria Matios. “Sweet Darusya”. — Lviv: “Piramida”, 2010. Bilingual edition “Sweet Darusya” (in Russian and Ukrainian). Transl. by О. Marynycheva, S. Solozhenkina.

Oksana Zabuzhko. “The Museum of Abandoned Secrets”. — Moscow: АST, 2013.

Maria Matios. “Mother Mary’s Shoes”. — Kharkiv, “Folio”, 2015.

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Tania Maliarchuk. “Love-is”. — Moscow: АSТ, 2016.

Serhiy Zhadan. “The Orphanage”. — Meridian Czernowitz, 2017.

From English:

Greg Egan. “Quarantine” — Moscow: “АSТ-Press”, 1997 (together with L. Levkovych-Masliuk).

John Stith. “Redshift Rendezvous” — Moscow: “АSТ-Press”, 1997 (together with L. Levkovych-Masliuk).

Richard Barbrook. “The Internet Revolution”. — “Аd Marginem Press”, 2015 (together with L. Levkovych-Masliuk).