Maljartschuk Tanja

Born in 1983 in Ivano-Frankivsk, she is a writer, essayist and publicist.

Tanja graduated from the Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University with honors; specialty: philologist.

She worked as a journalist on the “5” TV channel for a while; then in a program of journalistic investigations “Warning with Mykola Veresen”.

Since 2011 she resides in Vienna.

Her stories and essays have been translated in Polish, Romanian, English, Czech and Belarusian. Austrian publisher “Residenz” released two books in German translations:  “To Speak” (2009) and “Biography of a Chance Miracle” (2013). Other translations: “Von Hasen und anderen Europäern” / “Of Rabbits and Other Europeans” (Berlin publisher FotoTAPETA, 2014), “Лав-из” / “Love-is” (Moscow, AST, 2016).

Participant of the Gaude Polonia Scholarship (Poland) and Junge Akademie der Künste (Berlin).

She writes columns for Ukrainian and German on-line editions: Deutsche Welle and Die Zeit Online.

A novel “Oblivion” (2016) about a Ukrainian historian and politician Viacheslav Lypynskyi received the Book of the Year BBC–2016.

By her own revelation, she is “somewhat a woman, somewhat a prose writer”.

In 2018, the Old Lion Publishing House issued Tetiana Maljartschuk’s first book for children “MOX NOX”, which translates as “the night comes”. It is a story about a chimeric civilization of chiropteran creatures which settled in the ruined cities following a mysterious disappearance of people.


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“How I Became Saint” (Kharkiv: Folio, 2006; Kharkiv: Folio, 2008).
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