Kruk Halyna

A poet, literary critic, translator. She holds a degree of Philologist and Medievalist, and defended her dissertation on the subject of “Ukrainian low baroque: poetics of style and genre” (2001).

She is the author of poetry books – “Journeys in Search of Home” (Lviv, 1997), “Footprints on Sand” (Lviv, 1997), “The Face beyond the Photograph” (Kyiv, 2005), “Co(an)existence” (2013), “An Adult Woman” (2017) and numerous publications in literary editions. Her poetic and prose works have been included in many almanacs and anthologies – “Salute to Life’95” (1996), “Countermeaning” (2001), “Royal Forest” (2001), “Train’76: selected 2003–2004” (2005), “We and She” (2005), “Sleepwalkers” (2010), “Metamorphoses” (2011) etc.; and translated into English, German, Swedish, Russian, Polish, Lithuanian, Serbian, Croatian, Portuguese and other languages.

The author of two books for children – “Marko Travels Around the World” and “The Littlest One” which have been translated into 15 languages (international project for children’s literature “Step by Step”, Netherlands). Poems and stories for children have been published in children’s magazines and anthologies (“Tales of the Old Lion” (2003), “The Green Eye” (2009).

Halyna Kruk translates from Polish, Russian and Belarusian.

She participated in various Ukrainian and international literary festivals, as well as audiovisual projects “Sintesia” (jointly with Lithuanians), “SWIЖЕ” (SWIZHE) – with Swedes, “Songs of the Land of OS” (jointly with Y. Izdryk and the formation “Cube”), “Co(an)existence” – with O. Khoroshko and R. Bardun.

She is the laureate of literary competitions “Granoslov” (1996) and “Salute to Life” after B.-I. Antonych (1996); and has been awarded the “Gaude Polonia” scholarship from the Polish Minister of Culture (2003, 2010), Homines Urbani in Villa Decius, Kraków (2005) and the Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators’ program on the island of Gotland (Sweden). She is a member of the Association of Ukrainian Writers. Halyna lives in Ukraine and teaches literary studies in Ivan Franko National University in Lviv.

Vice President of Ukrainian PEN-center.