27.05.2020#PEN_TEN: Інтерв’ю з Марією Галіною

Запитальник для письменників і перекладачів, членів ПЕН
Відповідає Марія Галіна
1. Як змінилася роль письменника/перекладача у ХХІ столітті?
Ще десять років тому я би казала, … read more

21.05.2020The Imprisoned Voices of the Crimea

Mariia Semenchenko

How the Russian Federation not only persecutes and deprives the Crimean Tatars of their freedom, but tries to silence them: stories of citizen journalists and human rights defenders. … read more

25.03.2020A Difficult Trade-off: Freedom of Speech and Public Security during the “Hybrid War”

Mykola Riabchuk

The reputable Denmark-based international watchdog Freemuse, which monitors the freedom of artistic expression around the globe, published its 2016 annual report, … read more

07.12.2019Ukrainian activist and volunteer dies after apparent hate crime attack

Artem Myroshnychenko, a Ukrainian activist and volunteer from Bakhmut (former Artemivsk) in Donetsk oblast died on 5 December of injuries sustained during an attack in the late evening of 29 November.  … read more

24.11.2019Як Україні виростити крила

На це питання неможливо відповідати суто теоретично: виходить сухо й банально. Ніякої сили таке розумування не породить. Тому зайду я з іншого боку та й подам три ілюстрації з мого життя. … read more

14.11.2019The ‘terrorist threat’ Russia brought to Crimea ; six victims receive huge sentences

“Does it not strike you as strange that in the 23 years Crimea was under Ukrainian rule, there were no ‘extremists’ nor ‘terrorists’, and no ‘acts of terrorism’, … read more

11.11.2019OSCE Media Rep collaborates with Russia on propaganda event in Moscow

An OSCE conference has taken place in Moscow and been very widely covered by Russian state-controlled media.  This is hardly surprising, given the clear propaganda benefit for Russia from the event on 6 November, … read more

02.10.2019Journalist Stanislav Aseyev spends 3rd birthday in Russian-controlled Donetsk ‘concentration camp’ for writing the truth

What do you give a journalist friend for his 30th birthday when he’s been imprisoned in the Russian proxy ‘Donetsk republic’ for well over two years with his only ‘outside’ contact being a forced ‘interview’ to a Russian propaganda channel?  … read more

24.09.2019Що дасть нам силу? – Український ПЕН оголосив фокус-тему 2019-2020

Фокус-темою PEN Ukraine на 2019-2020 роки стало питання “Що дасть нам силу?”.  Про силу українців та їхні слабкощі, про важливість діалогу та толерантності, про силу миру і спокою, … read more

01.07.2019Mykola Semena: Two Years of Silence

Member of PEN Ukraine, the distinguished journalist of Ukraine, author of books “A Crimean Report” and “Mustafa Dzhemilev: The Man who Defeated Stalinism”, laureate of the Pavlo Sheremet Prize, … read more

21.06.2019Ukrainian investigative journalist Vadim Komarov dies after brutal attack. Killers remain unidentified

Halya Coynash

Vadim Komarov has died of injuries sustained in a savage attack on the morning of 4 May.  He had been in an artificially induced coma ever since.  … read more

29.05.2019Oleg Sentsov: A Free Human

Mariia Semenchenko

Ukrainian film director, scriptwriter, writer. Laureate of the Sakharov Prize for freedom of thought, PEN/Barbara Goldsmith Freedom to Write Award, Taras Shevchenko National Prize of Ukraine. … read more