PEN Ukraine is awarding three grants for translation of the book of stories by Oleg Sentsov into foreign language

Published: 19.10.2018,  Views: 870

PEN Ukraine in cooperation with the International Renaissance Foundation announces a competition for translation of Oleg Sentsov’s book of stories into three foreign languages – i.e., English, German, and Polish.

The project will be implemented within the mini-grants program by PEN Ukraine Translation Fund Grants, which aims to support the translation of works by Ukrainian authors into foreign languages.

A book of stories by Ukrainian writer and filmmaker Oleg Sentsov, who was illegally sentenced by the Russian court to 20 years of imprisonment in a colony of a strict regime, was published in Russian in 2015 by Laurus Publishing House. Stories from this edition were read during various actions and campaigns in support of Sentsov in different countries and in different languages. Other than that, so far only one translation of this book into a foreign language has been released – in 2017 a French edition was published in translation by Iryna Dmytryshyn.

In order to attract the attention of the international community to Sentsov’s case and popularize his works, PEN Ukraine launches a program of small grants for translation of Oleg’s stories into three other foreign languages with the indispensable guarantee of the publication of the book in reputable publishing houses of these countries.


Within the PEN Ukraine Translation Fund Grants program PEN Ukraine will provide 3 grants for translation of Oleg Sentsov’s short stories into English, German, and Polish.

The grant includes a reward of 2,000 for the translator and a refund of the copyright fee but does not cover the costs related with editorial and printing process.

To participate in the program the translator should apply by sending a letter to by 19 November 2018 with the subject indicated as “PEN Translation Fund Grants” and attaching the following documents:

1. Letter of Motivation (up to 4,000 characters);

2. Biography and bibliography of the translator;

3. A fragment of the translation of the story of Oleg Sentsov (up to 10,000 characters);

4. A copy of the contract with the publishing house for translation and publication of the book;

5. Letter of intention of the publishing house to cooperate with PEN Ukraine;

6. Schedule of the translation and publishing of the book.

Selection of applicants for the grant program will be handled by the Executive Board of PEN Ukraine.

The names of the three translators will be announced on 23 November 2018.

Additional conditions:

1. The translation must be done in no more than 30 days from the moment of confirmation from PEN Ukraine and signing of the contract with the translator;

2. The printed edition should state that the translation was carried out within the PEN Ukraine Translation Fund Grants program in cooperation with the International Renaissance Foundation;

3. Translators who have at least one translated and published book may participate in the program;

4. Following publication, the publishing house is obliged to give 5 copies of the printed edition to PEN Ukraine.

The collection of short stories by Oleg Sentsov includes 8 stories: “Autobiography”, “The Dog”, “Childhood”, “The Hospital”, “The School”, “Testament”, “Grandmother”, and “Makary”.

Translation: Oksana Anatolia Vasikovska

Translations of Oleg Sentsov’s Stories in English (by Dr Uilleam Blacker)

Translations of Oleg Sentsov’s Stories in German (by Ganna Gnedkova)