Freedom of Speech

27.02.2018Dramatic retrial order after pro-Russian journalists imprisoned for over 2 years

Halya Coynash

The Kyiv Court of Appeal has revoked the 9-year sentences passed on journalist Dmytro Vasylets and media worker Yevhen Timonin for their alleged help for the Novorosiya propaganda channel, … read more

01.02.2018Israeli government report invents sharp rise in anti-Semitism in Ukraine

Halya Coynash

A report on anti-Semitism by the Israeli Ministry for Diaspora Affairs has come up with some statistics about anti-Semitism in Ukraine which would be alarming if they had any basis in fact.   … read more

14.11.2017Crimea: Persecution of Crimean Tatars Intensifies

Arbitrary Detentions; Separatism, Terrorism Charges

(Berlin) – Russian authorities in Crimea have intensified persecution of Crimean Tatars, under various pretexts and with the apparent goal of completely silencing dissent on the peninsula, … read more

12.07.2017Can Freedom of speech be absolute where words are used to kill?

Halya Coynash

PEN International, together with its Writers in Prison Committee and ICORN Network held a three-day conference in Lillehammer, Norway from May 31, … read more

12.05.2017Defending the Freedom of Speech and the Persecuted Authors. Mykola Riabchuk’s presentation at the jubilee session of the Romanian PEN Center on its 95th anniversary

One may say, with a grain of salt, that Ukrainian PEN had two Godfathers. The first was Mikhail Gorbachov, the last Soviet leader, who liberalized the communist system to a degree that the official establishment of the Ukrainian PEN Centre in 1990 became possible. … read more

26.04.2017Oleg Sentsov sends Moving Response to PEN America Freedom to Write Award

Halya Coynash

PEN America’s honouring of Ukrainian filmmaker and political prisoner Oleg Sentsov at its 2017 PEN Literary Gala would have been a very special event under any circumstances.  … read more

31.03.2017Ukrainian Journalist Mykola Semena Faces New Phase of Trial

NEW YORK—As Ukrainian journalist Mykola Semena faces the next phase of his trial for charges stemming from his criticism of Russia’s annexation of Crimea, PEN America calls for all charges against him to be dropped immediately. … read more

29.03.2017PEN America Honors Jailed Ukrainian Filmmaker Sentsov

PEN America has announced that it will honor imprisoned Ukrainian writer and filmmaker Oleh Sentsov with its 2017 PEN/Barbey Freedom to Write Award.
Sentsov, a native of Crimea who opposed Russia’s March 2014 annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula, … read more

06.03.2017Blogger fined for saying the USSR invaded Poland in 1939 takes Russia to Court in Strasbourg

Halya Coynash

Russian blogger Vladimir Luzgin has asked the European Court of Human Rights to defend his right to state quite correctly that both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union invaded Poland in 1939.  … read more

13.09.2016Ukraine’s Government Proposes to Ban Import of ‘anti-Ukrainian’ Books from Russia

Halya Coynash

Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers has tabled a draft law proposing that books imported from Russia be checked for any ‘anti-Ukrainian’ content.  … read more

02.09.2016Free Ilmi Umerov! Stop Political Terror in the Crimea!

Statement of the Ukrainian Center of the International PEN

The Ukrainian Center of the International PEN expresses the gravest concern over the critical health condition of IlmiUmerov, … read more

22.08.2016Deutsche Welle is continuing to mislead the public about Russia’s Crimea land-grab

Halya Coynash

Internationally recognized borders are not re-drawn by armed annexations.  This is certainly understood by Germany’s leaders and it is baffling that the German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle constantly presents a rather different picture.  … read more