23.07.2021Statement in support of PEN Belarus

We stand in solidarity with colleagues from the Belarusian PEN and strongly condemn crackdowns and repressions exercised by the Belarusian self-proclaimed government against human rights organizations. … read more

20.04.2021Statement of PEN Ukraine in support of Belarusian literary scholar Aliaksandr Fiaduta

Aliaksandr Fiaduta is a Belarusian literary scholar, Doctor of Literary Studies at Jagiellonian University, an expert in the XIX century literature, a political analyst and one of the main public critics of Aliaksandr Lukashenka following the 2020 presidential elections in Belarus. … read more

27.11.2020Open letter of Ukrainian writers to Belarusian colleagues

Our dear Friends, dear Belarusian writers! Distinguished Colleagues – writers, journalists, the entire PEN community!
Since August we have been paying close attention to the events in Belarus, … read more

14.08.2020Statement of PEN Ukraine on the situation in Belarus

We, Ukrainian writers, journalists, human rights defenders, scholars, publishers, members of PEN Ukraine, consider the current situation in Belarus to be utterly unacceptable.
The use of force by Belarusian authorities against demonstrators who have taken and continue taking to the streets to protest peacefully is a flagrant violation of all norms of international and Belarusian legislation in the realm of human rights, … read more

09.01.2020Statement of the Ukrainian PEN Centre in support of Belarusian writers

Ukrainian writers are concerned about the events unfolding in neighbouring Belarus. There, in the capital and a number of other cities, mass protests against deepening integration with the Russian Federation have recently taken place. … read more

23.12.2019PEN Ukraine Statement to Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights on Pavel Sheremet’s Murder

Dear Mrs. Denisova,
We, who have signed below, express our solemn concern regarding violations of rights of the suspects in the case of Pavel Sheremet’s murder. … read more

03.10.2019International PEN Congress in Manila adopted the resolution on the state of freedom of expression in Crimea

On the 2nd October  during the 85th PEN International Congress in Manila (the Philippines), the Assembly of Delegates united in one voice voted in favour of adopting the resolution on the state of freedom of expression in Crimea. … read more

19.06.2019#FreeAseev: Statement of the Executive Board of PEN Ukraine

Over two years ago, in June 2017, a Ukrainian writer and journalist Stanislav Aseev was abducted in Donetsk on the temporarily occupied territory. Abductors – the so-called Ministry of State Security of the DPR – denied their involvement in this case, … read more

15.05.2019Звернення Виконавчої ради Українського ПЕН з приводу тиску на болгарського письменника Светослава Нахума

Керівництву Болгарського ПЕН
Спілці болгарських письменників
Шановні колеги,
Ми з прикрістю дізналися про факти інституційного тиску з боку Спілки болгарських письменників на прозаїка, публіциста, … read more

21.11.2018No platform for a terrorist! Statement of PEN Ukraine on Zakhar Prilepin’s participation in the 34th Slovene Book Fair

The organizers of the 34th Slovene Book Fair have made an ill-considered decision to invite to this reputable cultural forum an extremely odious guest – the Russian writer, … read more

05.11.2018Statement of the Ukrainian Centre of PEN International on the murder of Kateryna Gandziuk

PEN Ukraine urges Ukrainian law enforcement institutions to take all necessary measures to bring the perpetrators of the murder of Kherson public and political activist Kateryna Gandziuk to justice. … read more

02.11.2018Statement of PEN Ukraine regarding Russian sanctions list

PEN Ukraine is deeply concerned about the inclusion of our colleague, member of PEN Ukraine, a well-known journalist and publicist Vitaly Portnikov in the sanctions lists of the Russian Federation. … read more