83. Congress of PEN International

04.10.2017On the Public Events at the 83rd Congress of PEN International

The idea to host one of the annual Congresses of the PEN International in Ukraine emerged as early as 2015 as a result of two interconnected imperatives. … read more

02.10.2017Philippe Sands delivers keynote speech at the 83rd PEN Congress in Lviv

I begin by thanking PEN Ukraine and PEN International for inviting me to speak today.
Ladies and Gentlemen, it is a privilege to be invited to speak at the opening of this International PEN Congress, … read more

19.09.2017PEN report calls on Ukraine to safeguard freedom of expression as the 83rd PEN Congress opens in Lviv City

18 September 2017, Lviv City – Over the past 25 years since its independence from the Soviet Union, Ukraine has experienced both periods of authoritarianism, … read more

18.09.2017Address to the participants of 83rd PEN International Congress in Lviv

Mykola Semena

Dear participants of 83rd PEN International Congress in Lviv,
Ukrainian writers, journalists, cinematographers and artists, especially those in the
occupied Crimea, … read more