Vasyl Stus Prize

Ukrainian Centre of PEN International decided to take on the responsibility of continuing the legacy of the Vasyl Stus Prize founded in 1989 by Ukrainian Association of Independent Creative Intelligentsia chaired by Yevhen Sverstiuk (1928-2014), which was annually awarded on the 14th of January on St. Basil’s Day. The laureates of the award include Olha Bohomolets, Maria Burmaka, Opanas Zalyvakha, Mykhailyna Kotsiubynska, Vasyl Ovsienko, Ivan Svitlychnyi, Nadia Svitlychna, Halyna Sevruk, Liudmyla Semykina.

However, Ukrainian Centre of PEN International decided to incorporate a few changes to the previous tradition of this Prize; i.e, creating the jury, terms of the award and reward.

Vasyl Stus Prize is annually awarded by Ukrainian Centre of PEN International to authors (literators, artists, film directors) regardless of the place of residence, within the lifetime, for a notable contribution to Ukrainian culture and endurance of public stance.

Three months prior to the awarding ceremony of the laureate every member of the jury announces one candidate with a short (up to 100 words) written justification. Members of the jury who do not have an opportunity to be present at the session vote remotely. Annually, members of the jury include the President of PEN Ukraine and the laureate of the Vasyl Stus Prize of the previous year.

All announced candidates are considered on jury’s sessions in two stages. At first stage, the candidates are shortlisted by ranking. This list is then published on the website of PEN Centre. At second stage, till the 15th of August, the laureate is selected on the basis of simple majority of votes. The awarding ceremony is held annually in the end of August.

The laureate of the Vasyl Stus Prize receives the diploma of the laureate and the reward from the Ukrainian Centre of PEN International.

Candidates are nominated by members of the jury:
Myroslav Marynovych – chairman of the jury, publicist, founding member of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group;
Borys Gudziak – Archbishop of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, laureate of the 2018 Vasyl Stus Prize in 2018;
Bogumila Berdykhovska – publicist, Director of Department for scholarships at the National Centre of Culture in Warsaw;
Ola Hnatiuk – scholar, Professor of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and the University of Warsaw;
Andrii Kurkov – President of PEN Ukraine, Ukrainian author;
Yurii Prokhasko – essayist, translator;
Oleksandr Savruk – Dean of the Kyiv-Mohyla Business School;
Eleonora Solovei – literary critic;
Dmytro Stus – Director of the Taras Shevchenko National Museum;
Leonid Finberg – editor-in-chief of “Dukh i Litera” Publishing House, public activist.
Secretary of the Vasyl Stus Prize – Anastasia Nehrutska.