Shyyan Halyna (Haska)

Born in 1980 in Lviv, she is a writer, poetess and translator.

In 2012, she published a translation of the Booker Prize Laureate, DBC Pierre’s novel Lights Out in Wonderland, having established on its basis a project Decadence Takes Its Own, which united participants under the author’s registered art mark Batrakhomiomakhia (

In 2014, the Old Lion Publishing House published her debut novel Hunt, doctor, Hunt! illustrated by Marianna Vynar. The second novel of Haska Shyyan Behind the Back, published by Fabula Publishing House (Kharkiv) in March 2019, received the European Union Prize in Literature.

Halyna is a co-author of thematic collections Volunteers (a story Caterpillar, KSD, 2014), Lviv: An Inspiring City (Old Lion Publishing House, 2016), This is Lviv (Old Lion Publishing House, 2016). She has taken part in literary festivals and events in Edinburgh, Kyiv, Lviv, Zaporizhia, Paris, Vinnytsia, Belgrade, Graz, Krakow, Birmingham. She actively cooperates with various artists: photographers, designers, musicians, scriptwriters, film directors, and actors.

Her art touches on subjects of searching for sense of security in the contemporary world, physicality and sexuality, resistance to societal pressure, and stereotypes regarding gender roles, patriotism and religion. Haska also focuses greatly on comparative culture studies.