The Regional Administration of Kharkiv and PEN Ukraine have established a Literary Residence

Published: 01.10.2018,  Views: 468

The Literary Residence in Kharkiv is a project of the regional administration of the city and the Ukrainian center of PEN International.

“We supported the initiative at once. We understand that the project of this kind is important not only for the development of the Ukrainian literature but is also helpful for the promotion of Kharkiv and its’ unique culture in Ukraine and all over the world”, says the chief of the regional administration of Kharkiv Julia Svitlychna.

Any Ukrainian prose writer, who has not less than 2 published books by the moment of sending a request, can become a participant of the residence.

To take part a writer should send the following documents for the Jury:

1. A summary of a work of prose (a novel, a story or a book of short stories) which the author plans to write while being in the residence – not more than 5 thousands symbols;

2. A brief letter to justify his or her participation;

3. Biographical notes;

4. A recommendation from an authoritative expert: a writer, a translator, a literary critic or cultural manager.

Send the applications to the email:

In the year 2018 the applications are taken from the 1st till the 28th of October. The name of the first participant will be proclaimed on the 1st of November.

The first residence will take place  from the 15th of October till the 15th of December.

A participant will be provided with

1. comfortable accommodation in a private apartment or a hotel in the center of Kharkiv;

2. full board;

3. full refund of necessary travel costs;

4. a grant of 4 thousands hryvnias to visit cultural events in the city and for some sightseeing of the region’s most interesting and important places.

The duties of a participant are as follows:

1. to take part in a press-conference dedicated to the residence;

2. to take part in one of book presentations or a cultural event in Kharkiv;

3. to get to know the cultural life of the city and the region actively;

4. to write a summing up essay about time spent in the residence;

5. to make a remark at the end of the work of prose (the summary of which was given to the Jury) that it was written (or the work on it was conducted) in the Literary Residence of Kharkiv.

The selection of the participants:

A participant is chosen by the Jury which consists of five persons who are appointed by the Executive Rada of the Ukrainian PEN. The Jury does not comment on the received projects and does not discuss its’ decision with the applicants.

In the year 2018 the Jury consists of: Olha Hnatiuk, Serhiy Zhadan, Andriy Kurkov, Ivan Andrusiak, Halyna Kruk.

The Project’s Coordinator is Tetyana Teren (the Ukrainian PEN).

The Project’s Curator is Tetiana Pylypchuk (the Kharkiv Museum of Literature).

The Project’s Designer is Marichka Ruban.

The organizational partner is the Kharkiv Museum of Literature.

The main informational partner is media group “Nakipielo”.