05.11.2018Statement of the Ukrainian Centre of PEN International on the murder of Kateryna Gandziuk

PEN Ukraine urges Ukrainian law enforcement institutions to take all necessary measures to bring the perpetrators of the murder of Kherson public and political activist Kateryna Gandziuk to justice. … читати далі

02.11.2018Statement of PEN Ukraine regarding Russian sanctions list

PEN Ukraine is deeply concerned about the inclusion of our colleague, member of PEN Ukraine, a well-known journalist and publicist Vitaly Portnikov in the sanctions lists of the Russian Federation. … читати далі

07.07.2018Free Stanislav Aseyev. Statement of the Ukrainian PEN Center

More than a year ago, in June 2017, Ukrainian writer and journalist Stanislav Aseyev was kidnapped in Donetsk by unidentified militants. No information on his whereabouts was available for nearly two months, … читати далі

18.09.2017Freedom to Mykola Semena

We, the participants and guests of the 83rd PEN International Congress, are anxiously watching events in Russia-occupied Crimea. In particular, we are waiting for the court verdict (22.09.2017) against a journalist and Ukrainian PEN member, … читати далі

16.08.2016Ukrainian PEN: Flourishing Expression in the Face of Repression and Dichotomy

The PEN World series showcases the important work of the more than 140 centers that form PEN International. Each PEN center sets its own priorities, … читати далі

18.09.2015Appeal to the Chinese president to release 47 writers and journalists

His Excellency Mr Xi Jinping
President of the People’s Republic of China
Zhongnanhai, Xichengqu
The People’s Republic of China
Your Excellency,
As you undertake your first state visit to the United States, … читати далі

14.08.2015Stop Repression in the Crimea! Statement of the Ukrainian Center of the International PEN

The Ukrainian Center of the International PEN strongly protests against the rising tide of political repression in the Russian-annexed Crimea that encroaches upon basic rights and freedoms including those of speech, … читати далі

11.06.2014PEN International conference on the Russian-Ukrainian situation

Stockholm, 11th June 2014
PEN International conference 
on the Russian/Ukrainian situation
hosted by Swedish PEN
Russian  and  Ukrainian  PEN  affirm  their  unity  against  the  waves  of  propaganda  destroying  the  language  of  publicdiscussion. … читати далі

27.01.2014Letter of support for Ukrainian Colleagues from Latvian writers, translators, publicists and Latvian Writers Union

Dear colleagues and friends in Ukraine,
We, Latvian writers, express deep concern about the situation in Ukraine, since the authorities are using brutal force and firearms against the protesters. … читати далі

07.12.2013Statement of the Ukrainian Center of the PEN International regarding the Mass Violation of Human Rights and Unpunished Attacks of the Repressive Structures of the Government in Ukraine on Civic Activists, Journalists, and Writers in Kyiv

We do not now expect that this statement will stop the current Ukrainian government from attacking the democratic rights of citizens, in particular, civic activists and journalists. … читати далі

27.04.2012Renowned Publishing Company Vsesvit – the latest victim of lawless raids

On 26 April the offices of the long-established literary journal Vsesvit were raided in what would seem to be the latest ugly use of criminal methods and brute force, … читати далі

27.01.2012PEN Ukraine: On the Political Persecution of Writer Yury Vynnychuk

According to media reports, on 23 January this year police officers arrived at the home of Lviv writer Yury Vynnychuk and demanded written explanation regarding a poem he read out a few months ago at the festival “Night of Erotic Poetry” in Kyiv. … читати далі